Two rainbands to sweep over Australia sparking week of rain

Every Australian state is expected to be hit in a forecasted week of storms, with two separate rain bands to cover the country. Heavy rainfall moving across Australia is expected to bring renewed flood risk to eastern states over the coming week. Records have already been challenged in parts of the country’s west as the … Read more

Photos show the catastrophic impact of Hurricane Ian

An aerial picture taken on September 29, 2022 shows a flooded neighborhood in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian in Fort Myers, Florida. Ricardo Arduengo | AFP | Getty Images Hurricane Ian slammed into southwest Florida on Wednesday afternoon. The Category 4 hurricane, one of the biggest storms to ever hit the US, tore through the … Read more

Town of Victoria Park to fine residents $5000 for smelly organic green bins

The Perth council is threatening to cause a stink with ratepayers over its bid to eliminate smelly kerb-side bins from its streets. Town of Victoria Park locals could be stung up to $5000 if they let their green-topped garden organics (GO) bin emit a foul odor, it has been revealed. Town mayor Karen Vernon confirmed … Read more

Questions over land clearing in North Queensland where vulnerable species are thought to live

The mass clearing of North Queensland habitat likely to contain threatened animal and plant species has raised further questions about the effectiveness of state and federal environmental protection laws. Key points: Consolidated Pastoral Company confirms it has legally cleared a large area at itsrotham Park station Government records show Wrotham Park is the likely habitat … Read more

Cane toads creep closer to Sydney after ‘concerning’ population found at Lake Macquarie

It’s not unusual for the odd cane toad to hop a ride on a truck or car and hitchhike down the east coast of New South Wales, but a growing tally of these warty, toxic pests have made their way to a private property an hour’s drive north of Sydney – and the threat is … Read more

Landcare award winner calls for investigation into agricultural spray impacts

Australia’s newest Landcare champion is blowing the whistle on agricultural chemical spray drift, which he claims is poisoning trees and natural vegetation across the nation. Key points: Narromine Farmer Bruce Maynard won this year’s prestigious Bob Hawke Landcare award Mr Maynard was recognized for his 35-year commitment to farming sustainability He is campaigning for action … Read more

What does Origin Energy backing out of gas exploration mean for the Channel Country?

On a stormy afternoon, grazier Kerri Pidgeon and her husband Ken Griffiths are checking creek levels on their sprawling cattle station. Key points: Origin Energy is abandoning its fracking ambitions in Queensland’s Channel Country The move is being welcomed by traditional owners, graziers and lobby groups Advocates say their fight to protect the sensitive river … Read more

Almost 200 pilot whales perish on Australian beach

Almost 200 whales have perished at an exposed, surf-swept beach on the rugged west coast of Tasmania, where Australian rescuers were only able to save a few dozen survivors Thursday. After an arduous, day-long effort in difficult conditions, state wildlife services said just 32 of the 226 beached long-finned pilot whales were strong enough to … Read more

More plains-wanderers released in Riverina despite critically endangered birds dead, missing from last trial

Fifteen critically endangered plains-wanderers have been released in south-west New South Wales, despite some birds from the last released flock being killed or going missing — presumably eaten. Key points: Fifteen critically endangered plains-wanderers have been released in south-west NSW Four birds died and three went missing during the last Riverina trial New satellite technology … Read more

Feeding cane toad corpses to freshwater crocodiles could protect species from pest

As cane toads continue their march across the Kimberley, an innovative study using their chemical-laced corpses as bait could help protect the freshwater crocodiles in their path. Key points: Feeding chemical-laced cane toad corpses to freshwater crocodiles is training the reptiles to stop eating the deadly pest The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions says … Read more