Daily World Cup recap: Germany, Spain, Argentina, Japan

Spain celebrates a goal.Photo🇧🇷 Getty Images There may have been more exciting games or more dramatic endings in this tournament, but there hasn’t been one with more intrigue combined with a higher quality of play than this one. Argentina was staring at the abyss, much like Germany was today, giving the game something of a … Read more

Iran calls for US to be kicked out of 2022 World Cup after it changes Iran flag on social media to show support for protesters

CNN 🇧🇷 Iran state media has called for the US to be kicked out of the 2022 World Cup after the United States Soccer Federation changed Iran’s flag on its social media platforms to show support for protesters in Iran. The federation had temporarily displayed Iran’s national flag on its official Twitter, Instagram and Facebook … Read more

Why did Qatar even want the World Cup?

Looks like a whole bunch of Qatar fans left early during their 2-0 loss to Ecuador.Image🇧🇷 Getty Images The small Middle Eastern country — known for its poor human rights record — is the World Cup host, but did Qatar actually WANT it to begin with? Whichever government officials were responsible for bringing the world’s … Read more

World Cup Daily Diary Day 4

Japan’s Ritsu Doan celebrates after scoring his side’s opening goal during the World Cup group E soccer match between Germany and Japan, at the Khalifa International Stadium in Doha, Qatar,Image🇧🇷 AP Game of the day: Japan 2 – Germany 1 While some wanted to paint this as an upset on the magnitude of Saudi Arabia … Read more

Sporting events becoming different kind of guilty pleasure

Image🇧🇷 Getty Images While this World Cup is unlike any other due to the start time and Middle East location, there is a recent world competition that comes to mind. Think about it. Climate unfit to host the event, haphazard accommodations, stories of government overreach, and sportswashing. That sounds like the Beijing Winter Olympics. Those … Read more

Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, South Korea

Ugh. Vai-te embora,Image🇧🇷 Getty Images Let’s get the main reason out of the way. No one outside of Portugal wants to see giant pain in the ass, huffing his own farts, twice-accused rapist Cristiano Ronaldo — who has denied the allegations — hoist the trophy. It was bad enough in 2016 when he left the … Read more

Canada, Croatia, Morocco, and Belgium

Romelu Lukaku (left) and Roberto MartinezPhoto🇧🇷 Getty Images “BELGIUM’S LAST CHANCE!” You’ve heard or seen this already. They are Europe’s big waste of the last decade. There has been no bigger collection of talent than what Belgium has sported for the last four major tournaments, and a 3rd place in Russia is all they’ve had … Read more

Raphael Varane pulls up injured against Chelsea

Varane (center) is helped up by his teammates.photo: Getty Images Crowbarring a World Cup into the middle of the club season in winter was always a dumb idea, probably equal to the idea that the tournament ever could have been held in the summer in Qatar, which is what the country and FIFA were originally … Read more

USMNT keeper Matt Turner shines in 2-0 WC tuneup loss to Japan

Matt Turner was the lone bright spot for the YanksImage: Getty Images It’s never a good sign when the biggest pro from the United States men’s national team’s Friday debacle full of cons — a 2-0 loss to Japan that doubles as the Yanks’ penultimate FIFA World Cup tune-up — was goalkeeper Matt Turner. The … Read more

If you want to drink or get laid at the World Cup, this is not your year

Don’t even think about having a good time, creep.photo: Getty Images Qatar has gone the way of Catholic parents before prom, enacting a ban on sex for the biggest party the city has ever thrown in the 2022 World Cup. If the lethal heat, deadlier working conditions, strict rules concerning alcohol, and summer-ruining schedule change … Read more