Toll roads: How Sydney became most tolled city in the world

Sydneysiders forked out about $2 billion in tolls last year and the reason for the eye-watering amount is being blamed on the volume of toll roads in the state. NSW boasts 13 toll roads, much higher than Queensland’s six and Victoria’s three. And while as a state residents are feeling the pinch more than anywhere … Read more

Millions in taxpayer funded advertising ‘politicised’ by governments, new research says

At least a quarter of the Commonwealth’s yearly spend on taxpayer-funded advertising is highly political and biased towards the government of the day, according to new research. Key points: The report found a quarter of the government’s spend on advertising was questionable It recommended an independent panel to check if ads comply with rules before … Read more

Victorian Farmers Federation rejects call to ban older trucks from Melbourne, Sydney

Farmers say push to ban older trucks from Sydney and Melbourne because of the damaging impacts of exhaust fumes would “create a major issue” in getting food to market. Key points: Grattan Institute finds truck exhaust pollutants kill more than 400 Australians every year Institute wants trucks more than 20 years old to be barred … Read more

Aged Care Minister Anika Wells refuses to put dollar figure on pay rise for workers

The federal government has promised to pick up the bill for a potential pay rise for aged care workers, but it won’t say how much wages should rise by. More than 300,000 residential and home-care workers could receive a pay bump after the unions representing the workers brought forward a case to the independent wages … Read more

Scott Morrison’s influence lingers after defeat

Even after a defeat in the 2022 Election, the Morrison Government retains an influence through the stacking of top government jobs, writes Bilal Cleland. ONE OF THE PROBLEMS of defeated political parties is how to maintain some power after political defeat. The interventionist government of former Prime Minister Scott Morrison is giving us an indication … Read more

‘Jobs for mates’: Political connections on government boards reveal corrupt culture

The extent of a rising ‘jobs for mates’ culture on boards and courts has been revealed in a scathing new report. Australian “jobs for mates” culture among politicians is on the rise and is compromising public trust and performance, according to a damning new report. Former politicians occupy 21 percent of federal government board positions … Read more

More than 2,000 submissions made on proposed Viva Energy LNG terminal in Geelong

Lauren Dillon has missed out on a lot over the past 18 months. School retreats, study for exams, the opportunity to make lifelong memories. That’s because the 17-year-old high school student has been making every effort to attend protests, write letters, and educate her peers about the risks she sees in a proposal to build … Read more

Federal Election 2022: Anthony Albanese attacks Scott Morrison, makes $329m pitch home buyers

Anthony Albanese has revived the key line of attack against the Prime Minister as he ramps up efforts to woo voters in a crucial state. Anthony Albanese has taken aim at Scott Morrison for likening West Australian to cave people over hard border closures. As the Opposition Leader prepares to officially launch Labor’s campaign in … Read more

Federal Election 2022: Labor’s $329m pitch to first home buyers

An audacious new plan could help up to 10,000 Australians break into the housing market each year, but there’s one big catch. Anthony Albanese has launched a bold pitch for voters locked out of the housing market, adopting a radical policy which would see the government co-purchase a slice of their property. Mr Albanese will … Read more

Election: Labor’s promise on home care fees

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has made another big promise to home care users, vowing to put an end to rorting of the system. Federal Labor has vowed to put a cap on home care administration and management fees, as well as requiring monthly reports to users in a bid to stop rorting of the system. … Read more