Climate target bill passes lower house after being amended by Greens and ‘teal’ crossbenchers

A bill to write the government’s 43 percent emissions reduction target into law has passed the lower house after the government agreed to several minor amendments from the crossbench. Key points: The government has agreed to a number of tweaks to its climate target bill The bill, which writes a 43 percent emissions reduction target … Read more

ICAC alone won’t fix our failing democracy

Further reform is needed to tackle the depth of misconduct shaming Australian politics, other than just launching an integrity commission, writes Dr Tim Dunlop. IN AN ARTICLE written before the last Federal Election, journalist George Megalogenis made one of his characteristically wise asides, saying: ‘There is an unfortunate reflex in our politics – from those … Read more

Albanese needs to restore trust after staff cuts backlash

Anthony Albanese has made a mistake by proposing the cutting of Independent MP staff members without proper discussion, writes Paul Begley. I AM WRITING this piece reluctantly because it should not be a discussion happening in the public domain. That said, it’s now gone too far and is costing the new Albanian Government trust and … Read more

Independents spit the dummy over Albanese’s staff cuts proposal

Some Independents have expressed public outrage at the proposed staff cuts by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, writes Dr Jennifer Wilson. ONLY WEEKS into the tenure of the new Federal Labor Government, some Independents have in the last 24 hours threatened to block legislation if their parliamentary staff numbers are reduced, as Prime Minister Anthony Albanese … Read more

Albanese’s miracle win mangles media’s Dutton narrative

The press pack are acting as though the Coalition is temporarily exiled rather than categorically defeated, flooding the news cycle with the Dutton-led losing side and ignoring the Albanese Government, writes managing editor Michelle Pini. AUSTRALIANS are moving ahead, tossing out the old and embracing reformative change, for the first time in a long time, … Read more

Australia rejects Trumpism in voting out Morrison Government

With the defeat of Scott Morrison, Australia has dodged the abyss of Trumpism, writes Peter Henning. THERE SEEMS a palpable sense of relief and a real change in the atmosphere of discussion now that Scott Morrison has been defeated. It is reminiscent of the day that Donald Trump finally vacated the White House. The dark … Read more

Federal election live: Labor one seat away from majority, Barnaby Joyce to be challenged for Nationals leadership

Which seats are still in doubt? We’re nearly a full week out from last Saturday’s federal election, and there are still four seats still in doubt across the country. Labor’s tally is currently at 75one seat shy of forming a majority government where they can govern in their own right. ABC’s Chief Elections Analyst Antony … Read more

Liberal election review to focus on teal independents and preselection problems

Just days after its election defeat, the Liberal Party has announced the terms of its post-election review, focusing on the loss of seats to “teal” independents, and problems in the preselection process. Key points: Former Liberal director Brian Loughnane and former superannuation minister Jane Hume will lead the review They say they will seek the … Read more

Morrison carted out in clean sweep as Albo ushered in

Despite being underestimated by the previous regime and the Fourth Estate, Australians have swept away the side of politics devoid of empathy, “unfunded” or otherwise, writes managing editor Michelle Pini. THERE IS NO DOUBT that Labor’s election will change a great many things. Australians are banking on it. We are hoping for change on climate … Read more

Federal election live: Vote count continues as new Foreign Minister travels to Fiji for diplomatic talks

New Foreign Minister Penny Wong to visit Fiji after returning from Quad meeting (AAP: George Fragopoulos) Penny Wong will fly to fiji today on her first solo overseas trip as Foreign Minister. Senator Wong will make the visit less than 24 hours after returning to Australia from the Quad leaders meeting in Tokyowhere she joined … Read more