Jason Whitlock offers up misogynistic take on ESPN programming

Are you a single-celled organism? Do you feel like too much contemporary sports talk is just a bunch of nerds and women screaming about analytics, or that everyone on the TV talks too fast? Do you miss smoking in hospital wards? Then, Jason Whitlock has dug up some stale, low-hanging fruit disguised as sports takes, … Read more

NBA 2023: Pundit Stephen A. Smith says Ben Simmons is ‘stealing money’, Brooklyn Nets

Stephen A. Smith ripped Ben Simmons during ESPN’s “NBA Countdown” on Friday as the three-time All-Star struggles through his first healthy season with the Brooklyn Nets. “Ben Simmons, it’s a sad situation,” Smith said. “And I don’t mean this literally, because obviously, he’s not doing it, but one would say, he is stealing money.” Watch … Read more

Did Shannon Sharpe skip Undisputed after tone-deaf Skip Bayless tweet?

Has yet another partner had enough of Skip Bayless?Image: Getty Images Fox Sports 1 analyst and NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe was trending all over the place this morning for his absence across from FOX’s “Undisputed” with co-host Skip Bayless. It isn’t clear at this moment why Sharpe skipped the show Tuesday morning, roughly … Read more

Two faces on this week’s Mount Rushmore of stupidity

Jalen Rosephoto: Getty Images Have you ever seen an argument so stupid you’d rather pick a side I’m sure multiple kids know what I’m talking about, “Leave out of it” until they inevitably repeat me with to intervene because, you know, children. Still, nothing irks a parent like having to rule on who gets to … Read more

Skip Bayless trolls Bronny James over dunk

Skip Bayless is a toolphoto: Getty Images Here we go again, one more time, Skip Bayless getting under people’s skin. Some folks think he’s taking his “rivalry” with LeBron James a little too seriously. Bayless has resorted to trolling James’ oldest son Bronny. Yes, that’s right, Skip apparently has nothing better to do with his … Read more

NBA stars still fall for the Skip Bayless trap

Skip Baylessphoto: Getty Images There isn’t much that surprises me in the sports world today. We’ve seen some of everything, good, bad, and ugly. One thing I continue to ponder is how many players (mostly NBA) keep stumbling into Skip Bayless‘ troll trap he sets on undisputed and Twitter. Trae Young and Draymond Green are … Read more

Add ‘COVID outbreak’ to the list of reasons Phoenix Suns burned out in the playoffs

The Suns allegedly had a COVID outbreak during their series with Dallas.Image: Getty Images Having a season end the way it did for the Suns — finishing with the best record in the NBA and failing to make it out of the second round — will leave any organization aimlessly ambling around the neighborhood asking … Read more

The Golden State Warriors aren’t the best third-quarter team in these NBA Finals

The third-quarter Warriors aren’t as good as advertised.Image: Getty Images Jalen Rose is wrong. “For the last few years I’ve been calling the ‘Third Quarter Golden State Warriors’ the 31st NBA team,” he recently said on ESPN. “Everybody in the league knows they do a terrific job — head coach Steve Kerr and his staff … Read more

The Rockets didn’t win much, but they were a blast to watch towards the end of the season

Jalen Greenphoto: Getty Images Once the NCAA Basketball Tournaments come around, the rest of the NBA season can feel like a slog. If you were already upset about players missing games, the volume gets ratcheted up on that, and at that point it’s fairly clear which teams are the best in the league. It’s also … Read more