Hate for Philadelphia Eagles only seems to make them stronger

Jalen HurtsImage: AP What I’m not here to do is give the Philly fans any more reason to squawk. The Philadelphia Eagles haven’t been challenged this postseason, and are now one win away from a second Super Bowl in six years after the last title team fell apart and bounced back quicker than a SuperBall. … Read more

Women’s sports on ESPN riles up conservative journalist Whitlock

Image: AP Here we go. Again. Women’s sports are given media coverage, and men feel the need to make sure we all know no one cares about women’s sports. “Women’s sports aren’t interesting.” “Men’s sports are better.” “Women don’t deserve media coverage.” It intrigues me that people who claim to care so little about women’s … Read more

Women’s leagues WNBA, etc. have ushered in sports’ golden age

Image: Getty Images Choosing between women’s and men’s sports is a false choice. If you’re a certain blogger for Glenn Beck’s conservative Blaze media, revisionist history can be a comfort zone that vilifies feminism in sports as your woke sports boogeyman, but makes you look like a headadass instead. Jason Whitlock’s resentment-driven tweet on women’s … Read more

Jason Whitlock offers up misogynistic take on ESPN programming

Are you a single-celled organism? Do you feel like too much contemporary sports talk is just a bunch of nerds and women screaming about analytics, or that everyone on the TV talks too fast? Do you miss smoking in hospital wards? Then, Jason Whitlock has dug up some stale, low-hanging fruit disguised as sports takes, … Read more

Marcus Stroman goes full Kanye with insane conspiracy theories

Marcus Stromanphoto: Getty Images I’ll be honest, I didn’t realize there were this many galaxy-brained doofuses in the world of sports. But I was naive. If you’ve going down ever off what internet-ever pitchers of them holes do on their days, the Cubs’ Marcus Stroman reveals that at least some spend their time spend their … Read more

Georgia-Florida game features antisemitic message flashed on scoreboard

screenshot: Twitter/Vic Micolucci @WJXTvic This is exactly why Kanye West’s recent antisemitic interviews are so dangerous. Ye has over 50 million followers on Instagram and Twitter combined. His words carry weight and it’s his failed responsibility to know others would adopt his belief because of his lofted and unworthy celebrity status. At the end of … Read more

Kyrie Irving promotes antisemitic book, documentary on social media

Not again *facepalm*Image: Getty Images Do you know how easy it is to not promote antisemitism? If you’re even uncertain as to whether a tweet or a message of any kind would be controversial and alienate the Jewish people, Google it. Give a little bit of effort. And Kyrie Irving didn’t do that, or didn’t … Read more

Jason Whitlock has embraced antisemitism and we’re shocked

Jason Whitlockscreenshot: Promotional In the for-profit universe of attention-whoring, there’s no such thing as bad press. Saying anything to get your name trending and increasing your social-media following is the name of the game. To have others spend time and energy either agreeing with or lambasting at your takes is the ultimate addiction for those … Read more