Questions over whether Scott Morrison was involved in delaying release of new energy price until after election

Queensland’s Energy Minister has raised questions about who approved a delay in releasing national energy prices until after the May election. Key points: The amendment caused public notification of electricity prices to be pushed from May 1 to May 25 Queensland’s Energy Minister described this as “one of the biggest election deceptions” in Australian history … Read more

Monique Ryan tells MPs to ‘put their masks on’ while asking about Covid in parliament

The doctor who booted Josh Frydenberg out of his electorate of Kooyong has urged the Liberal MPs to “put your masks on” after being jeered on the floor of parliament. Independent Dr Monique Ryan rose to her feet to ask her first question during Question Time on Monday – her chosen subject being the impact … Read more

Disadvantaged frustrated over Government’s refusal to raise JobSeeker

Poverty is crippling many Australians and is a problem that the Albanian Government needs to fix immediately, writes Peter Sutton. ON SATURDAY 21 May, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, addressing his supporters after victory, used these words: “No one left behind because we should always look after the disadvantaged and the vulnerable. But also no one … Read more

Kooyong MP Monique Ryan chokes back tears in first speech to parliament

Monique Ryan jokes her election proves not all once in a century events are bad. For the first time ever the once blue ribbon seat of Kooyong in Melbourne’s east is held by an independent woman – it is also the first time an incumbent has been defeated since 1922. “I will not be the … Read more

ScoMo and Co: Where are they now?

Managing editor Michelle Pini takes a look at the Liberal Party fallout following its crushing defeat, including the politically departed and the remaining former glamor set. MOST readers will appreciate it has been a trying time for the Liberal Party lately. However, since most of the media cheer squad are still in mourning following the … Read more

Former treasurer Josh Frydenberg lands a job with Goldman Sachs

Former treasurer Josh Frydenberg has a new job with investment bank Goldman Sachs just two months after losing his seat at the federal election. Key points: Josh Frydenberg will be a senior regional adviser Asia-Pacific for Goldman Sachs Goldman Sachs is one of the world’s leading investment banks with a major role in corporate mergers … Read more

Albanese needs to forget Murdoch, act now and be bold

PM Albanese should defy criticism from the Murdoch press and repeal tax cuts benefitting high-income earners, writes Paul Begley. THE COMBINATION of the Albanian Government assuming office on 22 May, combined with the teal Independents sweeping some of the most entitled and incompetent Tories from their long-held heartland seats, was a great relief to many … Read more

Treasurer Chalmers bemoans nation’s debt but must act now

Other countries are steadily repaying government debt accumulated during the global financial crisis and the COVID pandemic. Australia should also, as Alan Austin reports. NEW TREASURER Jim Chalmers is acutely aware of Australia’s horrific debt. When asked about the economic problems inherited by the new Labor Government, Chalmers replied: “The defining challenges in our … Read more

You can expect to be paying more for fuel again come September. Here’s why

Australian motorists have been suffering pain at the bowser this year, with petrol prices pushing past $2 a liter. That’s despite a move from the previous federal government in March to half the fuel excise in a bid to reduce the financial pressure on drivers. But that cut was not forever and the reduced rate … Read more

Guide Dogs scandal deepens with donations to Liberal Party revealed

Guide Dogs Victoria’s “capital fundraising” boss Paul Wheelton made over $87,000 in donations to the Liberal Party before the Federal Coalition gave millions of dollars from taxpayer funds to his charity. At least $2.5 million of the taxpayer funds went directly to the charity’s “campus redevelopment” fundraising campaign, for which Wheelton was directly responsible for … Read more