Australian journalists are at war with their audience and the audience has had enough

Founder and publisher Dave Donovan and managing editor Michelle Pini analyze the widening disconnect between Australia’s concentrated legacy media and its audience. ONE OF THE ODD revelations from Dr Tim Dunlop’s recent article surveying certain prominent Australian journalists on public dissatisfaction was how little people in the media understand their audiences. But not only that, … Read more

Albanese needs to restore trust after staff cuts backlash

Anthony Albanese has made a mistake by proposing the cutting of Independent MP staff members without proper discussion, writes Paul Begley. I AM WRITING this piece reluctantly because it should not be a discussion happening in the public domain. That said, it’s now gone too far and is costing the new Albanian Government trust and … Read more

Leigh Sales reveals true thoughts on former prime ministers

Outgoing ABC host Leigh Sales has lifted the deal on what it was like dealing with a host of former PMs. Outgoing ABC host Leigh Sales has revealed she holds an “odd fondness” for all of the prime ministers she has interviewed during a 12-year career at the helm of 7.30. Set to host 7.30 … Read more

ARM’S new model for republic not the people’s choice

ARM’s way or harm’s way? The Australian Republic Movement’s new “choice model” tipped to deliver our republic has some glaring flaws, writes Sarah Brasch. THE AUSTRALIAN Republic Movement (ARM) has issued its new and final method called The Australian Choice Model for selecting our republic’s head of state. It has now plumped for election directly … Read more

Call for gas reservation policy on east coast of Australia as energy prices soar

Australians are facing huge jumps in their energy prices. But not every Aussie will feel the same pain thanks to an unfair policy. Australians are bracing themselves for higher electricity prices as the costs of coal and gas soar – but not every Aussie is facing the same pain. While rising prices are partly being … Read more

Federal election 2022: Scott Morrison jokes he could become an Uber driver

Scott Morrison joked he could become an Uber driver and revealed he’s back doing the school run in his first interview after his election loss. Scott Morrison has joked he could have a future as an Uber driver after losing his job and revealed he’s back doing the school run in his first interview after … Read more

Anthony Albanese takes secular affirmation of office at his swearing in

When Anthony Albanese was sworn in as Australia’s 31st prime minister, he made one significant change to the process. Anthony Albanese has been praised for making the mention of the Queen or God during his signing in ceremony on Monday as Australia’s 31st prime minister. During his swearing-in ceremony on Monday, Mr Albanese took the … Read more

Election 2022: Albo’s biggest hurdle revealed in focus group research

Secret focus group research conducted by the Liberal Party has exposed what’s holding key voters back from Anthony Albanese. Focus group research conducted for the Liberal Party reveals Anthony Albanese’s character remains an issue for the Opposition Leader with questions over whether he is “up to it” likely to result in a tight election outcome. … Read more

John Howard robocalls in federal election, hits streets of Kooyong

A former prime minister has been popping up across the country to rally support for Scott Morrison, and now he’s sliding into voters’ voicemails. Former prime minister John Howard has lent his voice to robocalls targeting vulnerable NSW Liberal seats, urging voters not to risk “disastrous” change. Mr Howard has kept a relatively low profile … Read more

The Coalition says Labor has a plan to introduce a ‘sneaky carbon tax’. Is there any evidence?

Spurious claims are appearing about what each major party would do in government should it win the election. This article is part of a series on scare campaigns: their origins, how they are being spread, and how the claims stack up against the stated commitments of the parties. With the election campaign in full swing, … Read more