How Howard screwed the Libs

John Howard somehow made his way into power in Australia, staying PM for nine long years, yet his divisive legacy may marginalize the Liberal Party for far longer than that, argues founder and publisher Dave Donovan. I ONCE had a friend, as implausible as that may sound. Let’s call my alleged friend Barry — because … Read more

Why Australian Liberal Party keeps losing elections

Once upon a time, border protection was the magic ingredient of the Liberal Party’s electoral dominance. John Howard, the Liberal Party’s second longest serving prime minister, even had a nifty little slogan that delighted the faithful and outraged his opponents. “We decide who comes here and the circumstances in which they come,” he said. The … Read more

Victorian election: Barnaby Joyce’s harsh words for Victorian Liberals

Barnaby Joyce had some choice words for the Victorian branch of the Coalition after the Liberal Party’s dismal performance at the state election. The former Nationals leader made the comments on Monday morning after the Liberals picked up just 25 seats compared with Labor’s 52 on Saturday night. “For the Liberal Party, I don’t think … Read more

Victoria election: Dan Andrews wins third election, Reveals how he celebrated

Premier Dan Andrews has revealed the surprising way he celebrated after watching the numbers tick over on election night to reveal a landslide win for the Victorian Labor Party. The Labor Party was victorious in 49 electorate seats as of Sunday morning, with Premier Andrews retaining his position of Premier for the third consecutive run. … Read more

Victoria election 2022 results live: Daniel Andrews, Labor retain power

Daniel Andrews has secured a third term of government and is now poised to cement himself as the Labor Party’s most successful – and powerful – leader. The Premier on Saturday night pledged a positive future, declaring he will govern for all Victorians. “Friends, hope always defeats hate,” he told a roaring crowd of red. … Read more

Daniel Andrews’ Labor Party wins Victorian election

Daniel Andrews will remain as Victoria’s Premier for a third term with the Labor Party securing a third term in government. Major networks including Sky News, ABC, Seven and Nine called the election before 8.30pm on Saturday but it remains unclear whether or not Mr Andrews will lead a minority government. The win will mean … Read more

Victoria state election 2022: Liberal seats most at risk

Liberal leader Matthew Guy is facing an impossible task to form government tonight in Victoria and one of his biggest problems is that he is likely to lose some inner metro seats despite likely gains in other places. According to political pollsters and strategists, the Liberal Party seats most at risk include Kew, Mornington and … Read more

Victoria state election: Undecided voters keep Daniel Andrews’ Labor on edge

Somewhere in the Victorian suburb of Sunshine this morning, there’s a pedestrian overpass with a large sign telling voters to dump ‘Stairman Dan’ when they vote today. It’s a reference, if you haven’t been following the down-and-dirty state election campaign, to the Premier breaking his back after slipping on two wooden steps at a holiday … Read more

Victorian election: Clive Palmer takes aim at Premier Daniel Andrews

Clive Palmer has taken aim at Premier Daniel Andrews just days before Victorians head for the polls. The former United Australia Party senator was in Melbourne ahead of the state’s election on Saturday, where he tallied reasons voters should act to change the government. “I think it means a lot to Australia as well as … Read more

UK mum stabs paedophile to death after he abused her kids

A mum has told how she stabbed a paedophile neighbor to death after finding out he sexually abused her children. UK woman Sarah Sands stabbed Michael Pleasted, 77, eight times in 2014 in a “determined and sustained attack” which saw him bleed to death, The Sun reports. Pleasted was already a convicted paedophile and had … Read more