Navy team detonates suspected World War II bomb discovered in Darwin Harbour

A team of navy divers has detonated a suspected World War II “dummy bomb” that’s believed to have been sitting on Darwin Harbour’s seabed for up to 80 years. Key points: The suspected ordnance was discovered last week by commercial divers The “dummy bomb” was successfully destroyed by plastic explosives “Significant tidal streams” caused challenges … Read more

Complex dive operation underway to remove suspected World War II bomb from Darwin Harbour

A specialist dive team has begun a complex operation to remove a suspected unexploded bomb that could have sat on the sea floor of Darwin Harbor for up to 80 years. Key points: Divers have been unable to locate the weapon despite an exclusion zone being declared Authorities suspect it is a bomb dating back … Read more

Current and former servicemembers find community, support and understanding through Military Brotherhood Motorcycle Club

Nathan ‘Brick’ Darvill joined the Royal Australian Navy in 2000 and had a decorated 20-year career. But he, like many others, felt lost after leaving the military. “The military becomes something you do every day, you’re in routine, you’ve got the same people around you, not a lot changes from day-to-day,” Mr Darvill said. “When … Read more

Russians Receive Draft Papers To Join Ukraine War; No Military Experience Required

Thousands of men across Russia are now receiving draft notifications to join the country’s forces in the war in Ukraine, according to a report. This comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday announced a partial mobilization of reservists in hopes of shoring up Moscow’s army in Ukraine. The order would initially call up 300,000 … Read more

China Recruited Scientists From Top US Lab To Work On Their Military Technology: Report

Several former Chinese scientists who worked in the US Los Alamos National Laboratory went back to China to advance the country’s developments in hypersonic missile, drone technology and submarine programs, all of which present an array of global security risks today. A recently released report by Washington DC-based security firm Strider Technologies exposes the vulnerabilities … Read more

Russian President Vladimir Putin announces a partial military mobilisation for Ukraine

President Vladimir Putin has ordered Russia’s first military mobilization since World War II, warning the West that if it continued what he called its “nuclear blackmail” that Moscow would respond with the might of all its vast arsenal. Key points: Vladimir Putin said his aim was to “liberate” east Ukraine’s Donbas region and that he … Read more

Russian Military Hospitals Refuse To Treat ‘Volunteer’ Fighters Injured In Ukraine: Report

Russian military hospitals are now refusing to give medical aid to “volunteers” wounded in the war against Ukraine, according to Ukrainian intelligence. The claim was made in a report posted Sunday by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. The intelligence report noted that wounded servicemen who were turned away were … Read more

US sees the aid its given Ukraine as effective, likely won’t provide longer-range systems for now

CNN — The Biden administration is unlikely to significantly change its approach to helping Ukraine fight Russia, sources tell CNN, and is rebuffing some Ukrainian weapons requests for now – even as forces have made sweeping gains and recaptured thousands of miles of territory from in recent days . US officials broadly view Ukraine’s recent … Read more

Is Russia Considering Mass Military Draft To Bring More Soldiers To Ukraine?

Russia is still not considering mass military mobilization, officials said amid claims that the country has suffered more than 53,000 Ukrainian casualties in its ongoing invasion of Ukraine. “At this moment – no, it is not on the agenda,” Dmitry Peskov, spokesperson for Russian President Vladimir Putin, told media when asked if authorities were considering … Read more

Taiwan To Build Military Base To Position Anti-Aircraft Missile Systems Amid China Threat

Taiwan’s defense ministry Monday announced plans to begin construction of a new military base in Yilan County in the northeastern part of the island, with reports saying the site may be used to station the country’s Tiangong III anti-aircraft missile systems — considered crucial to defend the island’s east coast in the event of an … Read more