Election 2022: Anglicare report shows shock strain on minimum wage earners

There is a shocking situation for people working full-time on the minimum wage in Australia, new analysis shows. A full-time worker on the minimum wage has just $29 left each week after essential expenses, while a family of four bringing in the same rate of pay is actually $24 short of what they need to … Read more

Media framing of wage rises shows deep ideological bias

The news media’s framing of debates about wage rises reveals subtle yet powerful class bias is alive and well in the mainstream media. When Labor’s support for wage rises is seen as “controversial”, while Liberals’ opposition to wage rises is viewed as “natural”, it shows that there is no such thing as a view from … Read more

Election 2022: Albanese bungles $1 an hour pay rise claim on Insiders

Labor leader Anthony Albanese has had yet another awkward stumble, struggling to explain a signature policy on national television. Labor leader Anthony Albanese has bungled his explanation of a $1 an hour pay rise for the nation’s lowest paid workers during an interview on national television. After being stung by accusations he stumbled over economic … Read more

Claims that minimum wage rise risks ‘runaway’ inflation bogus

The war over wages has become central to public debate in the lead-up to the Federal Election, with Albanese advocating real wages could rise alongside productivity growth, writes Graham White. THERE IS something depressing about the current debate over lifting the minimum wage. Apparently, the only way we can see the economy as functioning properly, … Read more

Leaders’ debate: Aussies react to Channel 7’s ‘game show’ style broadcast

Aussies have weighed in on the third and final televised debate, which was a little different to Sunday’s shambolic spectacle. Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese’s “Final Showdown” on Channel 7 has been compared to a game show by Aussie viewers who tuned into the third and final televised debate of the election. Viewers immediately jumped … Read more

Scott Morrison says Anthony Albanese’s 5.1 per cent pay rise intervention would send interest rates spiralling

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese is refusing to guarantee he will formally ask the independent wage umpire to lift the minimum wage by 5.1 percent, in line with inflation. Key points: Labor is continuing to push for the minimum wage to be lifted in line with inflation Anthony Albanese has refused to guarantee he would formally … Read more

Prime Minister Scott Morrison brands Anthony Albanese a ‘loose unit’ on economy

Scott Morrison has slammed Labor leader Anthony Albanese as a “loose unit” on the economy who will send interest rates soaring if he green-lights big wage rises. Scott Morrison has slammed Labor leader Anthony Albanese as a “loose unit” on the economy who will send interest rates soaring if he green-lights big wage rises. The … Read more

Morrison stands behind his ‘strong woman’ Katherine Deves in an unwinnable seat, as Albanese backs minimum wage boost

It’s unclear when exactly shame died in Australian politics. But the consequence of an increasingly shameless political class is that no one ever takes responsibility for their actions. At its worse, politicians outright lie, insisting black is blue, even if they said the opposite the day earlier. It’s why you can have a Prime Minister … Read more

Labor leader Anthony Albanese backs minimum wage increase in line with inflation

Labor leader Anthony Albanese has taken the unusual step of endorsing an increase to the minimum wage of at least 5.1 percent, to keep up with the rate of inflation. Key points: Labor leader Anthony Albanese said he would “absolutely” back a 5.1 percent increase to the minimum wage, while unions are pushing for a … Read more

Minimum pay requirements for farm workers take effect today and you might see that price in your basket

Shoppers are being warned cost of living pressures may get worse from today as pay changes on farms across the country have the potential to make fruit and vegetables more expensive. Key points: A new minimum pay guarantee for horticulture workers on piece rate begins April 28 Consumers are being warned to expect higher food … Read more