Telecommunications in the South Pacific is a security issue for Australia

Australia has intervened to improve telecommunication systems in the South Pacific against rising tensions with China, writes Paul Budde. OVER THE LAST few years, it has become clear that Australia and the Western countries, in general, have become more serious about developments in the South Pacific. With China moving further and further into this region … Read more

The Morrison circus is over but the mainstream media must go on

While the Morrison Government delivered endless scandals, the mainstream media must now adjust to a government free of controversy, writes Dr Jennifer Wilson. SPARE A THOUGHT for the mainstream media. It’s facing enormous challenges since Labor won the Federal Election and immediately embarked on a whole new way of doing governance that (so far) positions … Read more

Gough had the guts to get things done

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the election of the Whitlam Government, Victor Kline asks, what would Gough do to solve the chronic deficiencies of our current society? MY PROBLEM is I am old enough to remember the root and branch reforms of the Whitlam Government, so it’s hard for me to get excited … Read more

Disadvantaged frustrated over Government’s refusal to raise JobSeeker

Poverty is crippling many Australians and is a problem that the Albanian Government needs to fix immediately, writes Peter Sutton. ON SATURDAY 21 May, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, addressing his supporters after victory, used these words: “No one left behind because we should always look after the disadvantaged and the vulnerable. But also no one … Read more

Coalition’s failure to tax gas windfall profits cost the nation billions

Extraordinary profits generated by rapacious exporters have gone largely untaxed by Coalition governments, as Alan Austin reports. AUSTRALIANS ARE VASTLY poorer as a result of the failure of the recently-departed Coalition Government to oblige foreign mineral and energy miners to pay a fair price for the resources they are selling abroad. It will take many … Read more

Albanese needs to forget Murdoch, act now and be bold

PM Albanese should defy criticism from the Murdoch press and repeal tax cuts benefitting high-income earners, writes Paul Begley. THE COMBINATION of the Albanian Government assuming office on 22 May, combined with the teal Independents sweeping some of the most entitled and incompetent Tories from their long-held heartland seats, was a great relief to many … Read more

Morrison’s handling of COVID-19 a series of failures

The COVID-19 pandemic is spiraling out of control once again in Australia, a problem that should have been managed better at the start. In this article from 2021, John Wren analyzes some of the key areas in which the Morrison Government failed in preventing the spread of the virus. IT’S NOW A LITTLE over a … Read more

Peter Dutton’s legacy is a refugee processing nightmare

The Coalition Government left behind a cruel and complicated processing system for asylum seekers, writes Victor Kline. THE ADMINISTRATIVE law system for assessing asylum seekers in this country is straight out of the 17th Century. It is so complex and arcane that it prompted a Federal Court judge, Nye Perram, to say recently that of … Read more

The Liberal Government doesn’t care if you die

COVID cases and deaths are soaring, mask mandates are being considered again and conspiracy theorists insist the pandemic is over. In this article from 2021, Dr Jennifer Wilson analyzed the Liberal Government’s tactic to reopen our country — by leaving us to fend for ourselves, escalating the problem. NEW SOUTH WALES PREMIER Gladys Berejiklian has … Read more

Cooking with gas: A gaslit toxic health hazard 

Neither clean nor green, it turns out lauded natural gas is a toxic mix of harmful chemicals that cause asthma and other chronic breathing disorders, anemia and cancer. Dr David Shearman explains why we should remove gas from our homes. THIS IS A PLEA to you based on the health risks to you and your … Read more