Kevin McCarthy unveils House GOP’s big ideas midterm election agenda

Republican leader Kevin McCarthy unveiled the Republican Party’s midterm election agenda in Pennsylvania Friday, confronting President Biden and the party in power. McCarthy, who is poised to seize the speaker’s gavel if Republicans win control of the House in the fall, hopes to replicate the strategy former Speaker Newt Gingrich used to spark voter enthusiasm … Read more

US, China top diplomats meet to contain high tensions on Taiwan

The top US and Chinese diplomats met Friday in New York as soaring tensions show signs of easing, but Beijing issued a new warning against support for Taiwan. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi shook hands but only exchanged pleasantries before the cameras before sitting down with aids on the … Read more

China says Joe Biden’s remarks on Taiwan ‘severely violate’ US policy over island

Beijing has hit out at President Joe Biden’s latest comments that the United States would defend Taiwan against a Chinese invasion — saying they “severely violate” Washington’s policy towards the island. “The US remarks…severely violate the important commitment the US made not to support Taiwan independence, and send a seriously erroneous signal to Taiwanese separatist … Read more

Roe v Wade: Bill introduced to ban abortion after 15 weeks in all 50 US states

A prominent Republican senator has introduced a bill that would ban abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy in all 50 US states. The proposed legislation — which has no chance of passage in the Democratic-held Senate, but is nevertheless expected to galvanise support for Republicans ahead of elections in November — came under immediate fire … Read more

Why Chinese President Xi Jinping might not ‘rule for life’ despite third term

Chinese President Xi Jinping is on the brink of scoring a historic third term in power, sparking renewed talk he could be set to “rule for life”. But behind the scenes, there are growing signs his grip on power might not be as rock solid as it appears. The path to Xi’s third term has … Read more

Ukraine war: Vladimir Putin ‘fears for his life’ as war ‘undermined’ by failure to control Black Sea

Vladimir Putin “fears for his life” as his invasion of Ukraine becomes “undermined” by strategic failures on land and at sea. Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky has stated the only way to influence Putin is to ban Russians from entering the European Union and thus cause national anger. Mr Zelensky told the Washington Post: “This person … Read more

German fighter jets to take part in joint exercises in Australia

BERLIN, Germany: Highlighting Berlin’s increasing focus on assisting in the Indo-Pacific region amidst rising tensions with China over Taiwan, Germany is sending 13 military aircraft to participate in joint exercises in Australia, which will be the German air force’s largest peacetime deployment. After US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taipei in August, tensions … Read more

Liz Cheney: Donald Trump’s Republican nemesis loses primary, vows to fight on

Donald Trump’s most vocal critic in the Republican Party, Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney, suffered a humbling defeat on Tuesday, US time, losing her primary election to a challenger backed by the former president. Ms Cheney’s landslide defeat to Harriet Hageman, a lawyer hand-picked by Mr Trump, means she has failed to claim her party’s nomination … Read more

ASPI highlights need for reform in Australia’s defence strategy

The Government places too much dependence on think tanks such as ASPI, which is susceptible to outside influence, writes Joel Jenkins. DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER Richard Marles posted to photo sitting in a room surrounded by the wonks, analysts, academics and intellectuals from the nation’s security apparatus. He had gathered the panel to discuss the evolving … Read more

China warns military drills surrounding Taiwan will become routine

China has indicated “military exercises and training activities” surrounding Taiwan will become routine until “reunification” takes place. Beijing was left fuming when US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taipei in early August. And another delegation of US politicians arrived in Taiwan on Sunday sparked more angry warnings from China, which views the self-governing island as … Read more