Defence engineers flying to Pacific to repair defective Australian-built Guardian class patrol boats

Numerous problems have been identified on Australian-built patrol boats gifted to Pacific Island nations, prompting the Defense Department for issue advice on how to “minimise risk” for the countries that operate them. Key points: Defense Industry Minister Pat Conroy says his department is working closely with regional neighbors on how to deal with the problems … Read more

Mine Yellow Sea, Pearl River Delta

The US can bring Beijing to the negotiation table by mining the Yellow Sea and Pearl River Delta in the event of a conflict between the two superpowers, a US Navy commander has noted. Mining these two key waterways would strike the Chinese economy, he added. Commander Victor Duenow made these observations in an article … Read more

Submariners push for new ‘son of Collins’ fleet before AUKUS nuclear boats arrive in 2040s

Former submariners with over 500 years of collective service in the Royal Australian Navy are warning a new version of the Collins-class boat is needed as a stopgap measure before the AUKUS nuclear-powered boats start hitting the water in the 2040s. Key points: The Collins-class submarines are due to start getting major upgrades from the … Read more

Maverick aims for the skies and soars high

Former Top Gun pilot Pete “Maverick” Mitchell is called back to train a new group of students for a perilous mission. Digital editor Dan Jensen takes a ride into the danger zone for 2022’s most exhilarating cinema thrill ride. THE ORIGINAL top gun was one of the most successful blockbusters of the ’80s, but despite … Read more

Australia’s largest warship HMAS Adelaide experiences more mechanical problems, months after Tonga deployment

Australia’s largest warship is being hampered by new mechanical problems, placing limits on its speed, just months after suffering a complete power failure during a humanitarian mission to Tonga. Key points: An anonymous source revealed the Navy had been aware of the issues for two months The vessel is currently moored in Sydney It is … Read more

17 ‘Top Gun’-Inspired Items You Need to Fulfill Your Aviation Style Mission

After more than 30 years, the top gun sequel you’ve been waiting for is ready to take flight. Top Gun: Maverick, the follow up to the ’80s cult classic, debuts in theaters on May 24, just in time for summer. Starring Its Famous Original Cast Members, Tom Cruise and Val Kilmerthe action-packed drama also includes … Read more

Advanced Chinese Spy Ship Near Australia Coast Can Give PLA Navy Edge On US Warships: Report

The Chinese spy ship that was spotted off the west coast of Australia last week had the ability to collect intel on the US Navy warships in the region. The Type 815 Dongdiao-class auxiliary general intelligence ship, Haiwangxing, was detected near Exmouth, where a joint Australian and US naval intelligence station was based. Haiwangxing is … Read more

Navy investigating several apparent suicides among crew of USS George Washington

The US Navy has begun an investigation after a rash of confirmed or suspected suicide deaths among sailors on the crew of the USS George Washington. three sailors died within one week of each other, the Navy confirmed to CBS News. The investigation will aim to determine if there were any underlying causes that led … Read more

Naval Group negotiations to drag on, Collins Class submarines get $381 million upgrade

The Defense Minister has granted compensation negotiations with a French company over the dumped future submarine project are likely to drag well into the next financial year. Key points: Defense Minister Peter Dutton said negotiations over the scuttled Naval deal would ‘likely not’ conclude by the end of the financial year Mr Dutton announced a … Read more

Cancelled French submarine program could cost taxpayers more than $5 billion

Australia’s torpedoed French submarine program could eventually cost taxpayers up to $5.5 billion, despite the contract being made up well before construction was to begin. Key points: Defense says it does not have a final firm figure on how much canceling the deal will cost Australia has also made up a $1.3 billion contract for … Read more