Zelensky Thanks Allies Following German, US Tank Announcements

On Wednesday, January 25, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked Western allies for their support, after Germany and the United States announced they would supply modern battle tanks to Ukraine. Earlier on Wednesday, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz gave the green light for the delivery of German-made Leopard II tanks after weeks of pressure from Kyiv and … Read more

Spotlight on 7 radical Right-wing leaders worldwide

Dr Lee Duffield Iays bare seven critical leaders in the second part of his analysis of radical Right-wing movements and governments worldwide. EACH SUCH Right-wing party seems to need a prominent leader, whether a dominant figure or a clown, classified here as “demagogues” from a standard dictionary meaning: ‘A political leader who seeks support by … Read more

Why Ken Burns Is Exposing America’s Evils During the Holocaust

“I will not work on a more important film,” says Ken Burns about The U.S. and the Holocaust, a three-part, six-hour documentary (Sept. 18, PBS) about America’s response to the Nazis’ genocide. A comprehensive examination of both President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s actions and the anti-Semitic and anti-immigration climate in which he operated, Burns’ latest—co-directed by … Read more