Florida residents face destruction as Ian pummels Florida

CNN — in Naples, Florida, on Wednesday afternoon, Lauren Barlow watched as water crept in through her home’s door and began rising across the first floor. “Cars are floating down our street,” Barlow, who was sheltering on the upper level of the house, told CNN. “Our garage completely flooded, frying our cars. The water then … Read more

‘Catastrophic’ Hurricane Ian bears down on Florida

Images of a storm that could have a “catastrophic impact” on the south eastern United States have emerged – and it’s even bigger and more dangerous that meteorologists expected. There are warnings people “will not survive” the storm if they are caught by five meter high waves and winds of 250 km/h. “This is going … Read more

Live updates: Hurricane Ian on path to make landfall in Florida

(Florida Governor’s Office) Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis gave a briefing ahead of Hurricane Ian’s expected landfall later Wednesday, warning residents in several western counties that it is “no longer possible to safely evacuate.” “This is a major, major storm. It’s something that we knew was going to be significant. The strengthening of this over the … Read more

Ukraine accuses Russia of ‘terrorist attack’ as ‘sabotage’ speculation swirls over Gazprom pipeline

It could take up to two weeks before the unexplained gas leaks on the Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea can be inspected, the Danish defense minister said on Wednesday. Due to the pressure inside the pipes and the amount of gas leaking “the reality is that it can easily take one or two … Read more

Bank of England intervenes as Britain enters ‘financial crisis territory’

The central bank of the United Kingdom has announced a drastic intervention in an attempt to stabilize the country’s panicking financial markets and struggling currency. Last Friday the British government, led by the relatively new Prime Minister Liz Truss and Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng, unveiled a “mini-budget” which included a $75 billion suite of tax cuts, … Read more

Deadly Hurricane Ian, now approaching Category 5 strength, threatens ‘catastrophic’ storm surge as it nears Florida

Editor’s Note: Affected by the storm? Use CNN’s lite site for low bandwidth. You also can text or WhatsApp your Ian stories to CNN +1 332-261-0775. CNN  —  Hurricane Ian – now an “extremely dangerous” storm just shy of Category 5 strength – is poised to inflict “catastrophic” winds and storm surge as it nears … Read more

US officials play down concerns Pacific summit could be a bust

Officials have sought to downplay concerns Pacific leaders could reject a draft agreement with the US ahead of a major summit in Washington. President Joe Biden is hosting a number of Pacific Island leaders at the White House for a summit for the first time. Officials have spent weeks in negotiations on a joint agreement, … Read more

Long Covid places strain on Australian economy

The dire toll of a horrible Covid-19 health side effect will negatively affect the economy for years to come, according to Australian Medical Association president Professor Steve Robson. Ongoing inconvenient and frustrating symptoms that for many Australians remain as present as ever following their initial Covid infection will continue to place strain on the country’s … Read more

Russian mobilisation, Ukraine war: Heartbreaking photos of reservists saying goodbye

Heartbreaking photos have captured friends and relatives saying goodbye to Russian reservists drafted during Moscow’s partial mobilization to bolster its army in Ukraine. It came as Georgia and Kazakhstan said on Tuesday that you have of thousands of Russians had flooded into their countries from neighboring Russia since the announcement. Russian President Vladimir Putin last … Read more

Donald Trump net worth jumps after massive Truth Social windfall

Donald Trump has rejoined the list of America’s richest people a year after dropping off, thanks to the surprising success of his widely mocked social media platform. The former US president, who faces a wave of legal problems including a recent $US250 million ($A388 million) civil fraud lawsuit in New York, saw his estimated net … Read more