Australian police seize 200 kg liquid methamphetamine in Sydney

SYDNEY, Aug. 12 (Xinhua) — A shipment of more than 200 kilograms of liquid methamphetamines has been seized in Australia’s Sydney, a bust with a street value at over 25 million Australian dollars (about 17.76 million US dollars). On Friday the Australian Federal Police (AFP) announced what is an ongoing investigation of a transnational organized … Read more

Bikies Inc podcast: Daily Telegraph reveals Australia’s bikie, crime gangs

Bloot. Brotherhood. Betrayal. The Bikies Inc. podcast lifts the lid on Australia’s outlaw motorcycle gangs, who now control more than $3 billion worth of illegal drugs each year. Bikies have moved on from riding Harleys. Now they are multinational drug cartels. The Comanchero, the Hells Angels, the Bandidos, the Mongols, the Finks, and the Lone … Read more

Comanchero bikie boss Mark Buddle in police custody facing extradition to Australia

Comanchero boss Mark Buddle has been arrested in Turkey and could face extradition to Australia, local authorities have confirmed. Key points: Buddle was arrested in the Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) on Sunday Legal proceedings to return him to Australia are continuing Buddle is understood to have been leading the Comancheros while living overseas ABC … Read more

NSW introduces new ‘world-leading’ laws to tackle crime gangs

Notorious outlaws and organized crime gangs are about to be whacked “where it hurts” under world-first powers. NSW police will have more power to confiscate unexplained wealth from criminal gangs under new laws announced on Thursday. Encrypted devices will also be banned under new changes aimed at clamping down on money laundering and organized crime … Read more

Alleged international drug kingpin Chung Chak Lee dragged to Australia

Australian authorities nabbed a man they allege is a high-ranking member of a major international criminal drug ring. Australian authorities extradited an alleged international drug kingpin who is accused of trafficking massive amounts of drugs into the country for a criminal cartel. British-Chinese national Chung Chak Lee was extradited from Bangkok to Melbourne on Saturday. … Read more

AFP targeting Italian mafia figures in next phase of AN0M probe

Intelligence gained from a secret app planted on the mobile phones of organized criminals has revealed the Italian mafia is “pulling the strings” of bikie gangs responsible for recent violence in Australia. Key points: Australian citizens linked to infamous Italian mafia targeted by federal police The ‘Ndrangheta allegedly controls 70 percent of the world’s cocaine … Read more

Sydney news: Motorists to get toll cash back in Perrottet government’s June 2022-23 budget

Here’s what you need to know this morning. Toll cash back for drivers Half a million drivers will be eligible for quarterly rebates on their toll bill as the government tries to address the rising cost of living in New South Wales. The scheme will be part of the Perrottet government’s June budget and will … Read more

Bikie crackdown: Police raid criminal groups across NSW

Cameras have captured the moment police swooped on properties and made several arrests in an attempt to smash violent organized crime groups. Police arrested seven people and seized three firearms in early morning raids across Sydney and surrounds on Tuesday, amid a broader crackdown on criminal groups. The raids were part of Taskforce Erebus which … Read more

A girl was abducted at a Mavs game and found 200 miles away being trafficked for sex

A teenage girl at the American Airlines center was found a week later being trafficked for sex.illustration: AP I don’t delve into the macabre often. I don’t even watch Law & Order. Thinking about monstrous people is not something I enjoy. I understand the obsession with true crime, but podcasts featuring tales of sex trafficking, … Read more

Bikies arrested in Sydney police crack down after gangland shooting of Mahmoud Ahmad

A high-ranking bikie boss has been charged as police crack down on organized crime groups across Sydney, with two people arrested on the way to the funeral of crime figure Mahmoud “Brownie” Ahmad. Key points: “Brownie” Ahmad had a $1 million bounty on his head when he was released from jail six months ago Police … Read more