Working class moves Left under conditions of crisis

The Federal Election showed that despite appearances, including the anti-vax rallies and the best efforts of the press, the working class has shifted to the Left rather than the Right during the last two years of crisis. The Election delivered a severe blow to the project of consolidating far-Right politics through electoral processes. The Liberal … Read more

Australia rejects Trumpism in voting out Morrison Government

With the defeat of Scott Morrison, Australia has dodged the abyss of Trumpism, writes Peter Henning. THERE SEEMS a palpable sense of relief and a real change in the atmosphere of discussion now that Scott Morrison has been defeated. It is reminiscent of the day that Donald Trump finally vacated the White House. The dark … Read more

Dastardly Dutton likely for Liberal leadership

Following defeat at the 2022 Federal Election, Peter Dutton looks set to take over as the next leader of the Liberal Party and steer it further to the Right, writes George Grundy. SHORTLY AFTER Barack Obama’s second inauguration in early 2013, then Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, a speech suggesting that unless the Republican Party delivered … Read more

Morrison’s love of Murdoch has left ABC in the dust

Scott Morrison has shown an aversion to appearing in ABC interviews, preferring to be represented by the right-wing mainstream media, writes Jeremy Epstein. PRIME MINISTER Scott Morrison surprised the fine folks over at the national broadcaster recently by turning down their invitation for a pre-election debate with Labor Leader Anthony Albanese, instead choosing to have … Read more

Federal Election 2022: Greens leader Adam Bandt announces preferences

Greens leader Adam Bandt has delivered Prime Minister Scott Morrison another big blow weeks out from the federal election. The Greens have revealed which candidates they will recommend voters preference at the federal election on May 21. Greens leader Adam Bandt will announce on Saturday his party will preference Labor ahead of the Liberals across … Read more