Radhika Jones on the Rebel of Formula 1 and Other Fall Superstars

Of all the surprises in Chris Heath’s mesmerizing cover profile of the Formula 1 icon Lewis Hamilton, the one that charmed me most is that Hamilton dislikes driving. Not on the racecourse, to be clear—there he channels the joy and dedication of an athlete who found the exact thing he was born to do (one … Read more

Conservative Kansas votes clear ‘NO’ to abortion ban

Kansas voters have rejected Republican efforts to cancel the state’s constitutional right for women to have an abortion — even after the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade, writes Mitchell Zimmerman. OUR COUNTRY (USA) may be divided on the issue of abortion. But when it comes down to it, most Americans believe that it’s … Read more

Janelle Monae ‘So Proud’ After Kansas Voters Protect Abortion Rights

Kansas residents voted to protect abortion rights in the state in a referendum held on August 2, local media reported, in what was the first public vote on the issue in the US since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade. According to an AP estimate, 58.8 percent of voters voted for a constitutional amendment … Read more

West Virginia lawmakers close to passing near-total abortion ban

The West Virginia state Senate on Friday passed a bill to ban nearly all abortions in the state. The big picture: West Virginia has always been considered a state hostile to abortion because it’s one of the four states to amend its constitution to prohibit any protections for abortion rights from being established. The state … Read more

University of Michigan Medical School Students Walk Out of White Coat Ceremony Over Anti-Abortion Speaker

Dozens of incoming University of Michigan medical students walked out of a White Coat Ceremony in protest over their keynote speaker’s anti-abortion views as the future of abortion in the Wolverine State hinges on a Great Depression-era law banning it. in a viral video posted by Twitter user PEScorpiio from the ceremony to formally welcome … Read more

Democrats vow to fight back after anti-abortion protest arrests

Members of Congress arrested at a pro-choice rally have vowed that they won’t back down in fighting for freedom, writes Jessica Corbett. SEVERAL MEMBERS of Congress were among the demonstrators arrested outside the US Supreme Court on Tuesday while protesting right-wing justices’ recent ruling against the constitutional right to abortion. Representative Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) said … Read more

Minnesota Republican Matt Birk Warns Abortion Leads to Women Having Careers, Claims Pro-choice Advocates Are Always Playing “the Rape Card”

Question: How do you know for certain that most anti-abortion advocates want to ban the medical procedure not to protect, as they claim, the “sanctity of human life,” but in order to control women’s bodies and relegate them to the status of second- class citizens? Answer: Because they keep telling us! Over and over again! … Read more

“It’s Been a Devastating Several Weeks”: Wisconsin Doctors Cross State Lines to Navigate Post-Roe Abortion Ban

Within hours of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization ruling, which ended federal protections for critical women’s reproductive rights, abortion providers in Wisconsin began shutting down out of fear of a 173-year-old law banning the practice unless a mother’s life was in jeopardy. While Democratic Governor Tony Evers and Attorney General Josh Kaul have … Read more

Indiana doctor who treated 10-year-old rape victim facing intense backlash

The Indiana doctor who provided an abortion to a 10-year-old rape victim last month has hardened vitriol and threats to her safety and career for her role in the case that drew the White House’s attention. Driving the news: Dr. Caitlin Bernard’s lawyer sent a cease-and-desist letter Friday to Indiana’s Republican Attorney General Todd Rokita … Read more