Washington dismisses Moscow’s finger of blame for gas leaks

Moscow questioned Wednesday whether Washington caused mystery undersea gas pipeline leaks in Europe, which had been blamed on sabotage, which US officials bluntly called ridiculous as Russia opened a “terrorism” probe. The three outflows from the Russia-Germany Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines have felt natural gas prices soaring, exacerbating an energy crunch in Europe … Read more

Bank of England intervenes as Britain enters ‘financial crisis territory’

The central bank of the United Kingdom has announced a drastic intervention in an attempt to stabilize the country’s panicking financial markets and struggling currency. Last Friday the British government, led by the relatively new Prime Minister Liz Truss and Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng, unveiled a “mini-budget” which included a $75 billion suite of tax cuts, … Read more

Russia Set To Annex Parts Of Ukraine After Stage-Managed Referendum

Following Putin’s standard playbook of territorial annexation adopted earlier in Crimea, Moscow has announced overwhelming support among residents in occupied territories of Ukraine to join Russia. The results of the pre-ordained referendums held in the Ukrainian regions of Zaporizhzhia, Kherson, Luhansk and Donetsk will now set the stage for aggressive military action by Russia in … Read more

Russian mobilisation, Ukraine war: Heartbreaking photos of reservists saying goodbye

Heartbreaking photos have captured friends and relatives saying goodbye to Russian reservists drafted during Moscow’s partial mobilization to bolster its army in Ukraine. It came as Georgia and Kazakhstan said on Tuesday that you have of thousands of Russians had flooded into their countries from neighboring Russia since the announcement. Russian President Vladimir Putin last … Read more

Russia Is Urgently Buying Large Amounts Of Potassium Iodide, Compound That Protects From Nuclear Radiation

The Russian Federation has urgently ordered a large batch of potassium iodide, a chemical compound used to block a type of radioactive material in the case of nuclear accidents, according to the Russian government agency. The Russian government is planning to purchase at least five million rubles or $86,000 worth of potassium iodide. Russia only … Read more

Kremlin proxies claiming victory in ‘sham’ annexation votes

Kremlin-installed authorities were already claiming victory Tuesday in annexation votes in Ukrainian regions under Russian control, as Moscow it could use nuclear weapons to defend the territories. Ukraine and its allies have denounced the so-called referendums as a sham and said the West would never recognize the results of the ballots that have dramatically ratcheted … Read more

Reports On Transport Mobilization, Border Closing Are ‘Rumors’ Launched By Adversaries, Says Russia

As critics grower over Russia’s mobilization efforts in various cities, the Kremlin has said there is no decision yet on imposing martial law to seal the country’s borders to stop military-aged men trying to flee the country. Asked by reporters if Moscow was considering a decision to shut its border, Kremlin Dmitry Peskov told reporters … Read more

Sabotage suspected after Nord Stream pipeline leaks

The two Nord Stream gas pipelines linking Russia and Europe have been hit by unexplained leaks, Scandinavian authorities said Tuesday, raising suspicions of sabotage. The pipelines have been at the center of geopolitical tensions in recent months as Russia cut gas supplies to Europe in suspected retaliation against Western sanctions following its invasion of Ukraine. … Read more

Kremlin proxies in Ukraine hold last day of annexation votes

Annexation polls organized by Kremlin-installed authorities in four regions of Ukraine mostly controlled by Russian forces were due to close Tuesday, with Moscow’s threats of nuclear weapons looming. Kyiv and its allies have denounced the votes as a sham and said the West would never recognize the results of the ballots which are ratcheting up … Read more

Edward Snowden: Putin grants former NSA contractor Russian citizenship

CNN — Russian President Vladimir Putin has granted former NSA contractor Edward Snowden Russian citizenship, according to an official decree published on the Russian government portal Monday. Snowden is accused of espionage and theft of government property in the US for leaking troves of information on American intelligence and mass surveillance programs to the media. … Read more