Moment Vladimir Putin’s feet twitch and spasm during meeting | Video

Vladimir Putin was seen with twitching feet as he met “ally” Kazakhstan President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev in Moscow on Monday, fueling ongoing health rumors for the Russian President. Throughout Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there have been persistent rumors that Mr Putin is suffering serious health issues, with both cancer and Parkinson’s disease touted as possible conditions. … Read more

‘Critically ill’ Putin gasps, breathless during meeting with soldiers’ mothers

This is the moment Vladimir Putin appears to wheeze and gasp through a meeting with grieving mums whose children were killed in Ukraine. Russia’s president – ​​who is reportedly “critically ill” – met with a carefully selected group of parents as he sat down with them to have tea, cakes and fresh berries. Putin appeared … Read more

Ukraine-Russia war: Crimea could be reached before end of year, general predicts

A retired Ukrainian major general has predicted his country’s forces could reach Crimea by Christmas and end Russia’s invasion by the next northern hemisphere spring. General Volodymyr Havrylov said it was “only a matter of time” before Ukraine recaptured the Crimean Peninsula, which was illegally seized by Russia in 2014. “Of course, we would like … Read more

Ukraine war: Horror sign Putin is only getting started with Kyiv bombing

Despite the chaos and destruction Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has caused over the past nine months, there are grim signs that the worst of the operation is yet to come. As winter approaches in the northern hemisphere, Russia is engaging in a devastating strategy of targeting Ukraine’s energy facilities through a series of mass … Read more

Vladimir Putin will not attend G20 summit in Bali

Russian President Vladimir Putin will not attend the G20 leaders’ summit in Indonesia next week, Moscow’s embassy in Jakarta says. It was the first Russian confirmation that Putin will not travel to the resort island of Bali for the summit, which would have put him in the same room as US President Joe Biden for … Read more

Dark threat Vladimir Putin ally could spark new war

Russia’s best friend Belarus is making some odd claims. It says Poland has been “militarised”. It says Poland has “aggressive intentions”. We’ve heard such allegations before – in 1939. Then, German Fuehrer Adolf Hitler offered “implausible deniability” to Britain and France as diplomatic wiggle room to back out of their alliance with the weak east … Read more

Vladimir Putin’s military generals ‘discussed nuclear strike’

In a humiliating backdown, the Kremlin has reversed a decision that would have blackmailed the world with hunger. On Wednesday, Russia has rejoined a deal to allow Ukrainian grain exports through the Black Sea — a move that the but President Vladimir Putin warned Moscow could again pull out of the agreement. The revival of … Read more

Fears Russia setting trap in Kherson as Ukraine prepares to attack

Russia has evacuated ten of thousands of civilians from a key southern city as Ukraine builds up for a major offensive — but something doesn’t seem right. For days, Moscow has been trumpeting the evacuation of occupied Kherson, organized by Russia-installed authorities in the face of a counteroffensive from Kyiv. Kyiv’s forces are preparing for … Read more

Vladimir Putin makes nuclear apocalypse threat on Live TV

Vladimir Putin went full Bond villain in his latest TV appearance, threatening the world with nuclear armageddon before letting out a sinister chuckle. Putin was appearing on Russian state TV when he seemed to crack a joke about nuclear war. The twisted tyrant was speaking at the Valdai Discussion Club, a Moscow-based think tank with … Read more

Vladimir Putin orders nuclear strike drills

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered drills simulating a massive nuclear strike on the West last night. In a troubling development that will send shockwaves through Europe and the US, Putin was seen watching on as military personnel pushed the button – literally – to launch a series of strikes. One clip showed a Russian soldier … Read more