Dutton’s alleged corrupt link to drug kingpin: FLASHBACK 2019

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton was featured on Four Corners this week to show ABC viewers the “full picture” of who he really is. In this article from 2019, Ross Jones highlighted one of the more damning scandals tarnishing Dutton’s name. JUST A COUPLE OF DAYS AGO, an article was published on Medium that accused Home … Read more

US in talks to build Australia’s first nuclear-powered submarines

The United States is in talks to build Australia its first nuclear-powered submarines by the mid-2030s to respond to China’s growing military. The proposed plan, yet to be formally approved, is to provide Australia with an initial fleet while longer-term efforts will give Australia the capability to produce its own, Wall Street Journal exclusively revealed … Read more

Anthony Albanese offered to quit politics to save marriage with Carmel Tebbutt

Anthony Albanese has revealed he offered to quit politics three years ago in a doomed attempt to save his marriage with Carmel Tebbutt. The sliding doors moment is revealed in a new book Victory: The inside story of Labor’s return to power by Peter van Onselen and Wayne Errington, published by HarperCollins. The book reveals … Read more

The pros and cons of an Australian president

While much has been discussed about electing an Australian president, more consideration is required before moving forward as a republic, writes Professor John Quiggin. AS WE MARK the passing of Queen Elizabeth, the issue of an Australian republic has naturally arisen. The immediately following question is whether we should support a “minimal” republic, as similar … Read more

Putin takes losses, vows to make a comeback

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been met with heavy resistance in his assault on Ukraine while insisting his forces are regrouping, writes Dr Lee Duffield. SEVEN MONTHS into the Ukraine war, reverses suffered by the invading Russians have come at a bad moment for their President, Vladimir Putin, and might be stirring some historical nightmares. … Read more

Why I am taking a break from Twitter

Twitter can remain a place of rich debate if we refuse to accept simplistic solutions to difficult political problems, writes Dr Victoria Fielding. A WEEK AGO on Thursday, I took a break from Twitter. The next day, I woke to news of her Queen’s death. As it turns out, my decision to have some time … Read more

Leaked document shows Australian officials ‘kept in dark’ about French submarine cancellation

A leaked confidential document gives an insider’s perspective on how the Morrison government went about cancelling the French submarine contract, highlighting how officials were kept in the dark and debunking claims made by the former government about the deal. Key points: The leaked note was written by former Department of Defence deputy secretary Kim Gillis Mr Gillis wrote … Read more

Former MP Andrew Laming welcomes apology over Nine’s award-winning ‘lewd photo’ story, criticises Scott Morrison’s handling

Former Bowman MP Andrew Laming has welcomed an unreserved apology from Nine after he sued the broadcaster for defamation over a television report aired last year. Key points: Dr Laming did not comment on any financial settlement from the broadcaster Nine’s story won several gongs but awards organizers still considering the matter Former MP said … Read more

Time to give the Palace the boot

Albanese and Dutton could cooperate to remove King Charles as our head of state in favor of a republic. Instead, early indications signal we will continue bowing to the monarchy for many more years, writes Stephen Saunders. WHAT THE HELL just happened, Australia? Get a grip, we can’t keep grovelling like this. Can we never … Read more

Top spellers prove they have what it takes to Bee champions

They came, they spelled, they conquered. The national champions of the 2022 Prime Minister’s Spelling Bee have been crowned after smashing out words many adults would struggle to know the meaning of, let alone spell. Zachary Cheng took the honors in the Years 7-8 group, ticking off words including astrakhan and psephology to score 28/30 … Read more