FIFA World Cup 2022: Live scores, results, latest news from Qatar

Ecuador 1 – Senegal 2 Netherlands 2 – Qatar 0 Iran 0 – USA 1 Wales 0 – England 3 ABC REPORTER’S SWORD SURPRISE You have to think on your feet on live TV. ABC veteran Tracey Holmes would have faced many challenging situations in her journalism career, but it’s likely she has never been … Read more

Queensland mum of 16-year-old boy who died in freak accident issues plea to bullies

The mum of a teenager who was killed in a freak workplace accident has issued a plea to the online bullies who have attacked her family, shared cruel memes and spread false rumors after her son’s death. In October, Laura McMullin’s 16-year-old son, Jayden Fuller died in a workplace accident involving a roller truck. Although … Read more

Joshua Cooper: Teen who allegedly confessed on Instagram video chat to killing girl told police it was an ‘accident,’ complaint says

CNN 🇧🇷 The 16-year-old Pennsylvania boy who allegedly confessed over Instagram video chat to killing a young girl told police when he was taken into custody that “it was an accident,” according to a criminal complaint. Police in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, responded Friday afternoon after a girl reported receiving a video call and text messages from … Read more

NSW driver receives nasty letter over car park issue

A driver accused of being an “inconsiderate tosspot” has taken aim at the author of a fiery letter they found stuck to their car in a supermarket car park. The note, written by someone with a baby, slammed the driver for parking too close to the parking bay lines at Ballina Central Shopping Centre, in … Read more

Rebel Wilson slammed for lack of size inclusivity for RandR fashion brand

Rebel Wilson is coping with criticism from fans after launching a new clothing line that has been accused of having a “lack of size inclusivity”. The Australian actress recently launched R&R Club, a loungewear fashion brand, with her partner Ramona Agruma. But fans of the Hollywood star have been quick to call out its sizing … Read more

Iran Says the US Should Be Kicked Out of World Cup Tournament

Iran Says the US, Should Be Kicked Out, of World Cup Tournament. CNN reports that Iran has called for the United States to be kicked out of the 2022 World Cup for showing support for protesters in Iran. 🇧🇷 CNN reports that Iran has called for the United States to be kicked out of the … Read more

Iran calls for US to be kicked out of 2022 World Cup after it changes Iran flag on social media to show support for protesters

CNN 🇧🇷 Iran state media has called for the US to be kicked out of the 2022 World Cup after the United States Soccer Federation changed Iran’s flag on its social media platforms to show support for protesters in Iran. The federation had temporarily displayed Iran’s national flag on its official Twitter, Instagram and Facebook … Read more

US Soccer briefly scrubs emblem from Iran flag at World Cup

DOHA, Qatar — The US Soccer Federation briefly displayed Iran’s national flag on social media without the emblem of the Islamic Republic, saying the move supported protesters in Iran ahead of the two nations’ World Cup match Tuesday. Iran’s government reacted by accusing America of removing the name of God from its national flag. The … Read more