SpaceX to ‘check out’ outback space junk site, saying fall to Earth ‘within expectations’

A SpaceX representative says a team will travel to Australia after the recent discovery of a large piece of space junk on an outback property, saying the incident is “within the expected analyzed space of what can happen”. Key points: SpaceX will send a team to Australia after their space debris was found in the … Read more

Space junk identified at Yambuk by Australian Space Agency

A year-long mystery has been solved after residents of a coastal took it upon themselves to collect a strange black cylinder wedged into a beach waterway. Yambuk resident Matt King said he found the unidentified object in September 2021 while walking his dogs along the beach. He had no idea what the “weird bit of … Read more

SpaceX rocket debris lands in sheep paddock, Australian Space Agency confirms

The Australian Space Agency has confirmed debris found in the NSW Snowy Mountains belongs to SpaceX. Key points: Three pieces of debris have so far been located Snowy Mountains residents have been told more pieces could be found People are being told to contact a hotline if they do find more Three pieces of space … Read more

More Snowy Mountains space junk found amid visit from Australian Space Agency

A third piece of space junk has been found in the NSW Snowy Mountains, believed to be linked to a SpaceX craft. Key points: A third piece of space junk has been found in the NSW Snowy Mountains The Australian Space Agency visited the region to inspect the fragments first hand Authorities made contact with … Read more

New telescope mount helps Tasmanian observatory prevent ‘catastrophic’ collisions in space

The Tasmanian observatory will be able to track fast-moving satellites and help prevent space junk collisions with “catastrophic consequences” after a new mount was donated by a technology company. Key points: The new mount, donated by HENSOLDT Australia, allows the telescope to rotate in alignment with the earth There are 6,000 satellites and hundreds of … Read more

Kimberley ‘meteor shower’ is debris from a Chinese rocket falling out of orbit

A “meteor shower” which lit up the skies over northern Western Australia earlier this week was actually the wreckage of a Chinese rocket falling out of orbit. Key points: Streaks of light lit up the skies over Broome in the early hours of Monday morning Experts say the light show was caused by a Chinese … Read more

Unidentifed metal object falls through Gympie family’s roof, narrowly missing baby bouncer

A young family in Gympie has survived a bizarre ordeal after a heavy piece of metal crashed through the ceiling of their home overnight, narrowly missing their baby’s bouncer. Key points: A Gympie family feels shocked but fortunate the mysterious metal object didn’t hit one of them The couple contacted police but were told it … Read more