Space is a junkyard but we still have no quality broadband

Companies such as Starlink are cluttering space with inferior satellites with little concern for increasing the quality of their services, writes Laurie Patton. LAST WEEK, the US authority overseeing the country’s broadband rollout, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), rejected a billion-dollar subsidy request from a satellite internet network owned by billionaire Elon Musk. The FCC … Read more

Space junk identified at Yambuk by Australian Space Agency

A year-long mystery has been solved after residents of a coastal took it upon themselves to collect a strange black cylinder wedged into a beach waterway. Yambuk resident Matt King said he found the unidentified object in September 2021 while walking his dogs along the beach. He had no idea what the “weird bit of … Read more

South Korea’s first lunar orbiter launched by SpaceX

South Korea’s first lunar orbiter successfully launched on a year-long mission to observe the Moon, Seoul said Friday, with the payload including a new disruption-tolerant network for sending data from space. Danuri — a portmanteau of the Korean words for “Moon” and “enjoy” — was on a Falcon 9 rocket launched from Cape Canaveral in … Read more

Space junk from Elon Musk’s SpaceX Crew-1 craft slams onto NSW farmer Mick Miners’ property

A 3m piece of space junk from Elon Musk’s spacecraft has crashed into a farmer’s property in NSW at around 25,000km/h. The object – which was part of the SpaceX Crew-1 craft – was found in a sheep paddock by a farmer living on a large property in the Snowy Mountains. Farmer Mick Miners said … Read more

Russia to quit International Space Station ‘after 2024’

Moscow said Tuesday it was leaving the International Space Station “after 2024” amid tensions with the West, in a move analysts warned could lead to a halt of Russian-crewed flights. The confirmation of the long-mooted move comes as unravel ties between the Kremlin and the West over Moscow’s military intervention in Ukraine and several rounds … Read more

Musk Accuses Dish Network’s Ergen Of ‘Trying To Steal’ Space Internet’s Band

SpaceX CEO and billionaire Elon Musk did not mince words when calling out fellow billionaire and Dish Network’s co-founder and chairman Charles Ergen accusing the latter of “trying to steal” the band meant for space internet, labeling the act “not cool.” The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) granted SpaceX’s request earlier this month to use the … Read more

Aespa Members Reveal Their Celebrity Crushes, Alternative Career Goals [Watch]

Members of rising girl group Aespa have revealed who their celebrity crushes are in a fun interview with Buzzfeed. The quartet took the “BFF test” that tested their knowledge about each other, which included details about their role models in life, career goals, celebrity crushes and other juicy details. Giselle was chosen to answer the … Read more

Excitement builds as Biden to release first image from Webb telescope

This handout image released on July 6, 2022 by NASA, CSA and FGS shows a Fine Guidance Sensor test image which was acquired in parallel with NIRCam imaging of the star HD147980 over a period of eight days at the beginning of May US President Joe Biden will Monday release one of the first images … Read more

Watch How Trash Can Be Thrown Out Of ISS More Sustainably

Dealing with garbage aboard the International Space Station (ISS) is no easy feat, but the recent demo may help make “in-orbit housekeeping” more sustainable. The ISS is an incredible feat of engineering, but one challenge that remains aboard it is trash disposal. Currently, astronauts have to store the trash that they produce for quite a … Read more

NASA successfully launches second rocket in remote Australia, flags more missions ahead

NASA’s second-ever commercial launch in Australia has taken off from the Northern Territory, with the US aeronautical giant hailing the moment as a landmark for science in the southern hemisphere. Key points: NASA has launched a second rocket from Arnhem Land after weather delays Scientists say the rocket will explore the Alpha Centauri star system … Read more