Chandler Parsons critiques LeBron James, taken to task by Twitter

screenshot: fanduel tv In case you missed it, we had Chandler Parsons sighting recently, and it wasn’t on an NBA team’s injured reserve list. The oft-injured former NBA player is no longer on a roster in the Association if you can believe that. Now that his play days are officially over, Parsons can be seen … Read more

Steph Curry speaks on load management, said not player’s choice

Image: Getty Images The gentrifiers of Brooklyn caught a raw deal on Monday night. The Los Angeles Lakers are in New York on a back-to-back, meaning that LeBron James and Anthony Davis were only going to play one game. People who purchased tickets for the Brooklyn Nets game received the short end of the load … Read more

Jason Whitlock offers up misogynistic take on ESPN programming

Are you a single-celled organism? Do you feel like too much contemporary sports talk is just a bunch of nerds and women screaming about analytics, or that everyone on the TV talks too fast? Do you miss smoking in hospital wards? Then, Jason Whitlock has dug up some stale, low-hanging fruit disguised as sports takes, … Read more

ESPN’s Max Kellerman was right about Tom Brady

Well, this is awkward.Image: AP In the Summer of 2016, Max Kellerman predicted that Tom Brady’s skill would fall off a cliff. “Tom Brady’s just about done. It could be his next game he plays, it could be a year from now, but he is going to fall off a cliff. Tom Brady is going … Read more

A Denver Nuggets-Memphis Grizzlies Western Conference Finals?

Image: AP If you directly asked the NBA powers how they would feel about a Memphis Grizzlies–denver nuggets matchup in the Western Conference Finals, I think they’d offer a “We’d love that.” However, if you asked the same people the same question in an anonymous poll, I’m pretty sure the responses would be something vastly … Read more

Shaquille O’Neal debuts ‘Stephen A. Shaq’ on NBA on TNT

Image: Getty Images Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most dominant NBA players to step on the hardwood. A four-time champion, three-time Finals MVP, and regular season MVP, Shaq is in many people’s top 10 all-time. The big Shaqtus is also known for being a total goofball. O’Neal was in quite the joking mood Tuesday … Read more

Robert Griffin III doesn’t think teams want Lions to make playoffs

Robert Griffin IIIPhoto🇧🇷 Getty Images As an analyst on TV, you need to be either entertaining, say something shocking, or have controversial opinions, but sometimes they can go a little far in trying to make Twitter waves. Robert Griffin III is the latest, basically saying NFL teams don’t want the Detroit Lions in the playoffs. … Read more

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and that North Little Rock School photo

What is this, if not racism?Image🇧🇷 AP According to the policy, Jerry Jones hasn’t done anything wrong. That’s because anti-Blackness is never a crime. A recent report from The Washington Post Jones shows in a photograph from 1957 in Arkansas among a crowd of white students, “standing on the frontlines of one of Little Rock’s … Read more

Let’s hope this version of the Knicks lasts longer than ‘Bing bong!’

photo: Getty Images If you were wondering how the Portland Trail Blazer star is doing in his return from surgery to a nagging ab injury repair that prematurely ended his campaign a season ago, Dame Time earned player of the week honors for the Western Conference, Portland to a 3 -0 (now 4-0) record while … Read more

Time to stop betting on the Brooklyn Nets

Oh boy, Ben Simmons is back! Neat.Image: Getty Images The NBA world finally got its first look at the Brooklyn Nets’ new big three, and most are already disgusted with the return they’ve yielded. It was only the first game of the season, but if lack of motivation (LOM) were a stock, this team would … Read more