China FM calls on Russia, Ukraine not to let war ‘spill over’

China on Saturday at the United Nations urged Russia and Ukraine not to let effects of their war “spill over” and called for a diplomatic resolution. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi also sounded a fresh warning on Taiwan amid tensions in the Taiwan Strait, saying Beijing would take “forceful steps” to prevent any outside support … Read more

Foreign Minister Penny Wong tells China to act on Russia-Ukraine war in speech to UN

Foreign Minister Penny Wong has called on China to use its “no limits” partnership with Russia to help bring an end to the Kremlin’s “illegal, immoral” invasion of Ukraine. Senator Wong has used a speech to the United Nations General Assembly to say countries with close ties to Moscow must exert their influence to stop … Read more

US, China top diplomats meet to contain high tensions on Taiwan

The top US and Chinese diplomats met Friday in New York as soaring tensions show signs of easing, but Beijing issued a new warning against support for Taiwan. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi shook hands but only exchanged pleasantries before the cameras before sitting down with aids on the … Read more

Satellite Image Shows 4 PLA Warships Shadowing US Destroyer, Canadian Frigate In Taiwan Strait

At least four Chinese warships shadowed the US Navy guided-missile destroyer, USS Higgins, and the Royal Canadian Navy’s Halifax-class frigate HMCS Vancouver, as they sailed through the Taiwan Strait on Tuesday. A report in Taiwan News said the transit was probably accompanied by a Taiwanese military ship. The report quoted independent journalist Duan Dong who … Read more

Biden lashes Putin as he backs reformed UN

US President Joe Biden on Wednesday” accused Russia of “shamelessly violating the international order by invading Ukraine, as he pledged billions in food aid and backed an expansion of the UN Security Council seats for the developing world. Biden sought to woo the world in an address to the United Nations hours after Russian President … Read more

Rampant Independence Activities Less Likely To Resolve Taiwan Question Peacefully: China

Warning that Washington’s pro-Taiwan, anti-Beijing approach could disrupt US-China ties, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said Beijing could invoke its Anti-Secession Law to seek reunification with Taiwan by force. The Chinese Foreign Minister’s warning came at a meeting with former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in New York on Monday. The Chinese foreign … Read more

Putin takes losses, vows to make a comeback

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been met with heavy resistance in his assault on Ukraine while insisting his forces are regrouping, writes Dr Lee Duffield. SEVEN MONTHS into the Ukraine war, reverses suffered by the invading Russians have come at a bad moment for their President, Vladimir Putin, and might be stirring some historical nightmares. … Read more

Maybe Biden means it on Taiwan

Editor’s Note: This story was adapted from the September 20 edition of CNN’s Meanwhile in America, the email about US politics for global readers. click here to read past editions and subscribe. CNN — The first time a president repudiates a critical foreign policy principle, it might seem like an accident. If it happens four … Read more

China says Joe Biden’s remarks on Taiwan ‘severely violate’ US policy over island

Beijing has hit out at President Joe Biden’s latest comments that the United States would defend Taiwan against a Chinese invasion — saying they “severely violate” Washington’s policy towards the island. “The US remarks…severely violate the important commitment the US made not to support Taiwan independence, and send a seriously erroneous signal to Taiwanese separatist … Read more

Nuclear Deterrant Would Make China ‘Think Twice’ Before Invading Taiwan: US General

The US must seriously consider the threats that Beijing may use nuclear weapons, especially in a confrontation over Taiwan, and only a credible nuclear deterrent would stop them from doing so, a top air force general has said. “If you have a credible deterrent, it would make them think twice before engaging with us,” US … Read more