Women’s sports on ESPN riles up conservative journalist Whitlock

Image: AP Here we go. Again. Women’s sports are given media coverage, and men feel the need to make sure we all know no one cares about women’s sports. “Women’s sports aren’t interesting.” “Men’s sports are better.” “Women don’t deserve media coverage.” It intrigues me that people who claim to care so little about women’s … Read more

ESPN adds pickleball, doesn’t build around women’s sports

Riley Newman at the 2022 Margaritaville USA Pickleball Nationals Championships Image: Getty Images In a sign that ESPN and other networks can choose to devote broadcast hours to new and emerging sports, the American sports cable channel announced that it was adding pickleball to the lineup. pickleball, the racquetball of our era, is Crossfit without … Read more

Jason Whitlock offers up misogynistic take on ESPN programming

Are you a single-celled organism? Do you feel like too much contemporary sports talk is just a bunch of nerds and women screaming about analytics, or that everyone on the TV talks too fast? Do you miss smoking in hospital wards? Then, Jason Whitlock has dug up some stale, low-hanging fruit disguised as sports takes, … Read more

MLB seeks to end local TV blackouts

mike troutImage: Getty Images For a sport that has been struggling to retain youthful viewers, blackouts are an incredibly dumb aspect of streaming games. You can watch any team you want to…except the teams near where you live. Throughout most of Nevada, the San Diego priests, arizona Diamondbacks, Los Angeles Dodgers, LA Angels, San Francisco … Read more

We really need to be more measured in how we discuss testy exchanges between players and media

Giovanni BernardPhoto🇧🇷 Getty Images The result of ESPN’s Jenna Laine posting the video of Giovani Bernard’s locker room exchange with media, following the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 34-24 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, was proper accountability being taken. Bernard was being asked about a botched fake punt in the third quarter. It was a legitimate question. … Read more

The Biggest Golden Globe Nominations of 2022

The Biggest, Golden Globe Nominations, of 2022. NBC reports that Martin McDonagh’s ‘The Banshees of Inisherin’ is the top nominee heading into the 2022 Golden Globe Awards. 🇧🇷 Here are some of the other , big nominations of 2022:. Best Picture – Musical/Comedy, ‘Babylon’ ‘Triangle of Sadness’ ‘The Banshees of Inisherin’ ‘Everything Everywhere All at … Read more

‘The White Lotus’ Is ‘Fantasy Island’ Plus ‘The Love Boat’—On Acid

“If everything’s so perfect, why are we so miserable?” That’s a line that could come straight out of any number of characters on The White Lotus, the second season of which deepens its examination of how real happiness eludes the well-heeled. Instead, it’s a line spoken by the ship purser Gopher (Fred Grandy) on the … Read more

Now Here’s a Scandal: You’re Telling Me There’s a Third Hour of GMA?

It’s funny how stories can still shock. That feeling of—ah!—surprise hasn’t dissipated or blunted for some of us, despite all the shocking things that have happened, especially all the shocking things that have happened in the last 10 years or so. The pandemic. Government officials partying during the lockdown. Don*ld Tr*mp. El*n M*sk. An airplane … Read more

F-35 crashes at Hill Air Force Base; pilot ‘made his best effort to avoid any buildings’

Estimated read time: 3-4 minutes HILL AIR FORCE BASE — An F-35A Lightning II fighter jet crashed at Hill Air Force Base on Wednesday around 6:15 pm Officials say the pilot ejected and was recovered by emergency crews. The pilot was taken to a medical center for observation. Brock Thurgood, who owns property in South … Read more

Animal activists not guilty after taking piglets from Utah farm

Wayne Hsiung and another investigator hold sick piglets they removed from Smithfield Foods’ Circle Four Farms in Beaver County. On Saturday, a jury determined two animal activists were not guilty of theft and burglary after taking piglets from the farm in 2017. Three others involved in the operation already took plea deals. (Direct Action Everywhere) … Read more