The Walt Disney Company to mark 100th anniversary with new experiences

The Walt Disney Company was founded in October 1923 by Walt Disney and his brother Roy in Hollywood, Calif. Now one of the largest media companies in the world, the journey began with pencil cartoon drawings on paper, turned into animation. Then, in 1928, the landmark animated short film, Steamboat Willieintroduced Mickey Mouse and Minnie … Read more

Jason Whitlock offers up misogynistic take on ESPN programming

Are you a single-celled organism? Do you feel like too much contemporary sports talk is just a bunch of nerds and women screaming about analytics, or that everyone on the TV talks too fast? Do you miss smoking in hospital wards? Then, Jason Whitlock has dug up some stale, low-hanging fruit disguised as sports takes, … Read more

Allison Williams Beth Faber sue ESPN re: COVID vaccine mandate

Former ESPN reporter Allison Williams interviews Devin Vassell of the Florida State Seminoles men’s basketball teamImage: Getty Images Two former ESPN employees, reporter Allison Williams and producer Beth Faber, are suing the Worldwide Leader. Usually, when something like this happens, there’s some salacious accusation at its core. However, some lawsuits are so frivolous they’re clearly … Read more

The ManningCast revolution should not have been televised

Peyton and Eli ManningPhoto🇧🇷 Getty Images It would be interesting to see how much ESPN was responsible for the $1.5 billion that Disney lost last quarter in the streaming section. What section of the Mothership do the contracts for Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, and the Mannings fall under? After a year-plus, the nuance of the … Read more

Disney CEO Bob Chapek step downs, replaced by Bob Iger effective immediately

After many months of headline-grabbing tumult at Disney — from plummeting stocks to high-profile celebrity clashes — Bob Chapek has stood down as CEO to be replaced by his predecessor, Bob Iger. The Walt Disney Co. made the stunning announcement today, revealing the change will come into effect immediately. Chapek took on the role as … Read more

Disney World fans say ‘expensive’ theme park has ‘lost its magic’

Disney World has “lost its magic”, according to a new study, as would-be visitors complain about soaring ticket prices at the Orlando, Florida theme park. The survey of nearly 2000 people by gambling website Time2play found the majority complained that a holiday to the Magic Kingdom was too expensive for most families. A ticket to … Read more

Twitter user slammed, suspended for “whitewashing” Ariel in new Little Mermaid trailer.

Twitter decided two users could not be part of their world after an artificial intelligence scientist “whitewashed” actress Halle Bailey in The Little Mermaid trailer. In addition to suspending their respective accounts, the AI ​​guy has been blasted by other users on the site for digitally replacing Bailey — who is black — with a … Read more

ESPN airs footage of Black child covered in cotton

The World Wide Leader steps in it again.Image: Getty Images Live event television moves quickly. Not only does the production team have to decide on the fly which camera angles of the main action are most appealing to the audience at the right time, they also need shots that give viewers the feeling that they … Read more

How Google is helping its staff access abortion

Hours after the US Supreme Court thrust America into chaos, technology giant Google took a stand that flies in the face of the court’s ruling. Google is the latest corporation to take a strong stance on women’s reproductive rights following the US Supreme Court’s historic decision to eliminate the constitutional right to abortion. The technology … Read more

US companies act to help women affected by abortion restrictions after Supreme Court overturns Roe vs Wade

The growing list of US companies are offering employees travel benefits to access abortions following the Supreme court’s ruling. Businesses in the United States, including Netflix and Meta (formerly called Facebook), have announced they will cover employees’ travel expenses to access out-of-state abortion services after the US Supreme Court overturned the landmark ruling Roe v … Read more