Qatar eliminated by Holland, England shuts out Wales

Senegal and Ecuadorpain put on a show,Image🇧🇷 Getty Images And this is where the plot thickens. For the next four days, teams will move on, teams will meet the sword, and the drama ramps up to 11. I’m here to be your space coyote for it! game of the day Ecuador 1 – 2 Senegal … Read more

U.S. beats England, 0-0

Image🇧🇷 Getty Images What psychopath called the long-awaited United States men’s national team’s Black Friday showdown against England a scoreless draw? I’ll have whatever you’re drinking. After gaining my bearings after that stiff cocktail, and realizing Matt Turner nor Jordan Pickford allowing a goal wasn’t just fallacy, it yielded a simple consequence for the American’s … Read more

Why did Qatar even want the World Cup?

Looks like a whole bunch of Qatar fans left early during their 2-0 loss to Ecuador.Image🇧🇷 Getty Images The small Middle Eastern country — known for its poor human rights record — is the World Cup host, but did Qatar actually WANT it to begin with? Whichever government officials were responsible for bringing the world’s … Read more

Saudi Arabia beats Argentina, France beats Australia

GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLImage🇧🇷 Getty Images Saudi Arabia manager Herve Renard might be the most handsome manager at this tournament, and he certainly didn’t have a problem taking a page from another handsome manager, Jose Mourinho. If you recall the cold war that Barcelona and Real Madrid had when Mourinho was at the helm at the Bernabeu, the … Read more

Colorado Avalanche’s Cale Makar fastest defenseman to 200 points

All hail Shut up!Image🇧🇷 Getty Images There’s an old hockey axiom that any young defenseman needs 200 games in the NHL to come into his own. Unlike most of the sport’s theories, which are usually grizzled old horseshit that everyone has just gone along with out of terror for ever rocking the boat in any … Read more

Qatar World Cup really kicks off today

Fans of England arrive for game vs. Iran this morning.Image🇧🇷 Getty Images While the World Cup started yesterday, it doesn’t really kick off until today. The World Cup, for fans, is about the NCAA tournament-type feel of multiple games every day, and there’s three today and four per for the next couple weeks. That’s the … Read more

USMNT’s Christian Pulisic finally gets his chance

Christian PulisicPhoto🇧🇷 Getty Images The embarrassment of the United States men’s national team missing the 2018 World Cup had several layers. One of the most understated at the time, and one that luckily has been forgotten about over time for fans of the Stars and Stripes, is how the adorned future of American soccer would … Read more

Can Jesus Ferreira shine as striker for USMNT?

Gregg Berhalter has shown loyalty to Jesus FerreiraPhoto🇧🇷 Eric Blum for Deadspin It’s been the longest-standing position battle for the United States men’s national team. It’s basically been a forever chase to find a stable striker. The No. 9 spot has been taken by dozens of Americans, with no real claim to the throne. Brian … Read more

Sporting events becoming different kind of guilty pleasure

Image🇧🇷 Getty Images While this World Cup is unlike any other due to the start time and Middle East location, there is a recent world competition that comes to mind. Think about it. Climate unfit to host the event, haphazard accommodations, stories of government overreach, and sportswashing. That sounds like the Beijing Winter Olympics. Those … Read more

Does Aaron Long belong in Qatar?

The Long and short of it.Image🇧🇷 Getty Images It’s hard to describe why there’s angst around Aaron Long. Does the United States men’s national team have better center backs? Yes. Has he taken the spot of more deserving players? Yeah, but that’s more up for debate. If you’re basing personnel decisions on trust with USMNT … Read more