Putin Claims ‘American Occupation Troops’ Are In Germany

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday claimed “American occupation troops” are still in Germany. Putin made the allegation during a meeting with students at Moscow State University. He, however, did not provide any proof to substantiate his claim. “The largest country in Europe, an economic giant, is the Federal Republic of Germany. Germany has been … Read more

Russian Troops Are Deserting Their Posts ‘En Masse,’ 200 Soldiers Wanted: Ukraine Intel

More than 200 Russian soldiers are now wanted after leaving their posts in Ukraine “en masse,” according to Ukrainian intelligence. Both Russian servicemen and mercenaries have left their posts in the temporarily occupied region of Zaporizhzhia. They are now being searched by separate divisions of the Russian guard, the General Staff of the Armed Forces … Read more

Russian Commanders Will Kill Own Troops ‘If They Don’t Attack,’ Ukraine Soldier Reveals

Russian commanders are threatening to shoot and execute their own troops if they refuse to fight in the war against Ukraine, according to a report. This was revealed to the Current Time news channel during an interview with Ukrainian soldiers defending the key eastern city of Bakhmut in Donetsk Oblast. The besieged city, which once … Read more

Belarus May Start Sending Troops To Ukraine, Kyiv Should ‘Prepare For This Scenario’: Opposition Leader

Exiled Belarusian opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya warned that Belarus may start deploying its soldiers to Ukraine, urging Kyiv to prepare for a possible escalation of the war. Tsikhanouskaya claimed in her interview with the Kyiv Post that most Belarusians are opposed to joining the war in Ukraine, but the possibility of Belarus joining Russia’s military … Read more

Pentagon Splits $9 Billion Cloud Contract Among Top Tech Companies

Pentagon Splits $9 Billion Cloud Contract , Among Top Tech Companies. Reuters reports that the $9 billion contract was split between Google, Amazon, Oracle and Microsoft on Dec. 7. Reuters reports that the $9 billion contract was split between Google, Amazon, Oracle and Microsoft on Dec. 7. Reuters reports that the $9 billion contract was … Read more

10,000 Troops Surround, Barricade Soyapango El Salvador In Attempt To Stop Gang Violence

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele announced the deployment of 10,000 troops Saturday to the San Salvador suburb of Soypango in an effort to deter gang violence. All roads in and out of Soypango have been blocked, and special forces are stopping everyone trying to leave the city and checking identity papers, according to BBC News. … Read more

Russian Troops Fire At Own Soldiers While Retreating; Some Abandoned Without Food

A group of mobilized Russian men from the city of Serpukhov has accused Moscow’s army of firing at them while they were retreating from their positions. In a video message published by the VChK-OGPU Telegram channel, the group of survivors said they were sent to the village of Makiivka in the Luhansk region despite not … Read more

With Nearly 9,000 Russian Troops Stationed, Is Belarus Preparing For War With Ukraine?

Despite Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko’s claim that the arrival of thousands of Russian troops in the country is only to bolster defensive security due to growing tensions on its border with Ukraine, the deployment has reignited fears that Belarus could seek to engineer a false flag operation and join Moscow’s war against Kyiv on the … Read more

Trump Ignored Consequences And Ordered Immediate Withdrawal Of Troops From Afghanistan, Somalia

Following his election loss in 2020, then-President Trump hit to sign the order for an immediate large-scale withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan and Somalia, disregarding concerns raised by key officials about the consequences of his decision would have on the fragile security situation in the two countries. “Knowing that he had lost and … Read more

Russia May Have Lost Almost Half The Troops Putin Amassed For Ukraine Invasion: Report

More than seven into its war against Ukraine, Moscow may have suffered irretrievable losses of more than 90,000 Russian soldiers and a significant number of its war equipment without achieving any of the strategic objectives it was aiming for, according to a report. The irretrievable losses of more than 90,000 soldiers suffered by Russia in … Read more