China FM calls on Russia, Ukraine not to let war ‘spill over’

China on Saturday at the United Nations urged Russia and Ukraine not to let effects of their war “spill over” and called for a diplomatic resolution. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi also sounded a fresh warning on Taiwan amid tensions in the Taiwan Strait, saying Beijing would take “forceful steps” to prevent any outside support … Read more

Why Bangladesh shouldn’t fall into trap of war with Myanmar

Myanmar is repeatedly breaking promises. the country is not honoring its promise not to violate the border. Instead, Myanmar’s helicopters are flying in the sky every day in Myanmar near the border of Bangladesh. The entire border area including Tumbru, Baishaphandi, Reju Gorjanbania, Amtali of Naikshyangchari trembled with the loud sound of the shells fired … Read more

Penny Wong talks trade ‘blockages’ with Chinese counterpart Wang Yi on sidelines of UN General Assembly

Foreign Minister Penny Wong has again urged Beijing to remove punitive trade measures against Australia during a meeting with her Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in New York. Key points: Penny Wong says she focused on pressing China to unwind trade sanctions and described talks as “constructive” She also addressed Australians arbitrarily detained in China, and … Read more

Biden lashes Putin as he backs reformed UN

US President Joe Biden on Wednesday” accused Russia of “shamelessly violating the international order by invading Ukraine, as he pledged billions in food aid and backed an expansion of the UN Security Council seats for the developing world. Biden sought to woo the world in an address to the United Nations hours after Russian President … Read more

Iran president defiant as eight reported dead in protests over woman’s death

Iran’s president on Wednesday accused the West of hypocrisy in its eight criticism of Tehran as people were reported dead in growing protests over the death of a young woman arrested by the morality police. President Ebrahim Raisi struck a defiant tone on a visit to the United Nations, with demonstrators also trailing him on … Read more

Blinken hosts Armenia, Azerbaijan FMs in bid to boost peace

NEW YORK (AP) — US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with the foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan on Monday in a bid to ease tensions and maintain a fragile ceasefire between the ex-Soviet countries and rivals following the largest outbreak of hostilities in more than two years. Blinken brought Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat … Read more

Put a price on pollution or we’ll keep cooking the planet

Placing a value on the environment through formal well-regulated markets is a better way to effect climate action and change the behaviors destroying our planet, writes Mike Berwick. DURING A LIFETIME of environmental activism, I have been involved in various approaches to nature conservation: direct action and civil disobedience, the media, science, politics, catchment management … Read more

Being handcuffed for medical appointments left asylum seeker Yasir shaken. Why is it happening?

On his way to see a doctor, Yasir* says he would be routinely handcuffed while he was in immigration detention. The experience was traumatic for the asylum seeker, who has a history of mental health issues and has now spent nine years in detention. “I would feel terrible. I would start shaking and sometimes vomit … Read more

Taiwanese independence advocates will be ‘punished’, says Chinese ambassador 

China’s ambassador to Australia has warned that Taiwanese people advocating full independence from the mainland will be “punished” according to Chinese law, speaking in an interview with the ABC’s 7.30 program. Key points: Ambassador Xiao Qian says there is “nothing true” in a UN report which accuses China of serious violations of human rights in … Read more

IAEA Staff to Remain at Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant, Grossi Says

A team from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) led by its Director General Rafael Grossi arrived at the Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in south Ukraine on September 1 to assess the plant’s security amid ongoing fighting. The IAEA announced the delegation’s arrival at the plant at around 3 pm, saying they would “conduct … Read more