SA Covid update: Thousands of new Covid cases reported

This article is unlocked and free to read in the interest of community health and safety. Get full digital access to trusted news from The Advertiser and Messenger with our great introductory offer. Drive-through testing sites will be scrapped and free RATs offered to all South Australians as the state reaches the peak of its … Read more

Pfizer, Moderna, Myocarditis: ATAGI makes major admission on vaccine side-effect

The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (ATAGI) has admitted it did not know about the heightened risk of a heart condition called myocarditis from Covid vaccines until five months after they were approved for the public. An updated document published by the health authority in late September has attracted serious attention this month — … Read more

Australians urged to wear masks to reduce winter Covid surge

The simple message about Covid needs to be heard by Australians as the country braces itself for a huge appears in cases due to new variants. Young Australians are being urged to hear a simple message about Covid as the country braces itself for a surge in cases driven by the emergence of new variants. … Read more

Child under three dies after testing positive to Covid

A child under three is among six deaths of people with Covid on Thursday, as cases climb towards 3000 a day. A child aged under three has died with Covid as numbers continue to climb towards 3000 a day. The cause of the child’s death is being determined following a referral to the Coroner as … Read more

Covid SA: Woman in her 20s dies after testing positive

A woman in her 20s who tested positive for Covid has died as 2342 new cases were reported today. A woman in her 20s has died after testing positive to Covid, SA Health reported on Friday. The woman is one of two people in their 20s that have died with Covid in South Australia since … Read more

You Are Going to Get COVID Again … and Again … and Again

Two and a half years and billions of estimated infections into this pandemic, SARS-CoV-2’s visit has clearly turned into a permanent stay. Experts knew from early on that, for almost everyone, infection with this coronavirus would be inevitable. As James Hamblin memorably put it back in February 2020, “You’re Likely to Get the Coronavirus.” By … Read more

Stop Saying Vaccines Don’t Work for the Immunocompromised

As the United States nears its numbing, millionth COVID death and shrugs its shoulders at a rise in cases, some Americans are feeling left behind. Immunocompromised people have suffered disproportionately throughout the pandemic, and even those who have been fully vaccinated wonder if they’re really safe. News stories highlight their struggles to adapt to a … Read more

Why Health Minister Brad Hazzard won’t ease Covid isolation rules

Health Minister Brad Hazzard and chief health officer Dr Kerry Chant have ruled out relaxing Covid isolation rules. Here’s why. Health Minister Brad Hazzard and chief health officer Dr Kerry Chant have ruled out relaxing Covid isolation rules because the true extent of Covid cases could be 50 percent higher than what is reported. Mr … Read more

The Burden of COVID Is Shifting to the Global South

Americans, by and large, are putting the pandemic behind them. Now that Omicron is in the rearview mirror and cases are plummeting, even many of those who have stayed cautious for two full years are spouting narratives about “going back to normal” and “living with COVID-19.” This mindset has also translated into policy: The last … Read more