Claims that minimum wage rise risks ‘runaway’ inflation bogus

The war over wages has become central to public debate in the lead-up to the Federal Election, with Albanese advocating real wages could rise alongside productivity growth, writes Graham White. THERE IS something depressing about the current debate over lifting the minimum wage. Apparently, the only way we can see the economy as functioning properly, … Read more

Morrison’s mental health announcement upstaged by trans debate, while Albanese doubles down on his push for a ‘dollar’ wage rise

When this election campaign is done and dusted, the PM should give the MP in his most marginal seat in Tasmania, Bridget Archer, a call to thank her for enduring the most frequent number of awkward press conferences of the campaign. Archer has had to stand by the PM and take difficult questions on his … Read more

Leaders’ debate: Albanese wins final debate, Morrison confirms Tudge will re-enter cabinet if re-elected

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese won the third and final leaders’ debate on Wednesday night, which saw he and Prime Minister Scott Morrison cover a number of well-trodden issues. Key points: Cost of living, wages and an integrity commission were all dominant themes Out of the 160 undecided voters, 54 per cent voted in favor of … Read more

Albanese’s bold move on wage rises leaves Morrison tiptoeing along an extremely delicate line

Even a stopped clock tells the time twice a day, and it is presumably due to a similarly randomised inevitability that the ambient theme of the campaign today was wages and the escalating cost of keeping body and soul together — something that real people actually care about. Huzzah! Albanese’s decision yesterday to put a … Read more

Minimum pay requirements for farm workers take effect today and you might see that price in your basket

Shoppers are being warned cost of living pressures may get worse from today as pay changes on farms across the country have the potential to make fruit and vegetables more expensive. Key points: A new minimum pay guarantee for horticulture workers on piece rate begins April 28 Consumers are being warned to expect higher food … Read more

In election 2022 battleground seats, voters are switching off politics but economic issues loom

In Box Hill, in Melbourne’s east, Liberal MP Gladys Liu’s federal election campaign billboards cover Telstra phone booths outside the main central plaza, but many locals have tuned out of politics. “We see some of them [the billboards] but I feel like people here just enjoying eating and they’re don’t really talk about politics much,” … Read more

Royal commission hears Australian disability enterprise workers paid as little as $2.50 an hour

Victorian man Greg Tucker has been doing manual work for the past two years, packing nappies in a warehouse. For his efforts, he has been paid $2.50 an hour. Key points: Australian disability enterprises (ADEs) provide employment for people with disabilities, separate from the mainstream workforce Some people working in ADEs get paid as little … Read more