Qatar Airlines Sits Atop These 5 Airlines Considered The World’s Best For 2022

Selecting the right airline can make the difference between a great trip and a disaster. This year and for the seventh time since 1999, Qatar Airways was named this year’s best airline by Skytrax review site. The Qatari airlines topped the site’s 2022 World’s Best Airlines to fly based on the survey of 14 million … Read more

Industrial scale cheating taking over from learning in Australian universities

With technology allowing cheating to run rampant in universities, reform is urgently needed to bring a focus back to old-fashioned learning, writes Dr Lee Duffield. PROBLEM LABELLED “industrial scale cheating” is presenting a deadly threat to universities with students now routinely commissioning a proliferating range of online services to do their assignments. Has it yet … Read more

Australian business owners urged to shorten web addresses to avoid cybercrime attack

Business owners across Australia are being told to update their domain names or risk being targeted by cybercriminals. Key points: New domain names that end with .au are now available. Business owners who already own a domain are being urged to buy their .au equivalent. Experts are worried that cyber criminals will be able … Read more

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation may lose website names registered ahead of Indigenous Voice referendum campaign

A pre-emptive strike by One Nation to register dozens of website addresses that could be used in the Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum campaign has backfired, with several of the party’s new acquisitions set to be suspended. Key points: Pauline Hanson says her campaign acquired 46 website domains in opposition to an Indigenous Voice to … Read more

The billion-dollar industry helping students at major Australian universities cheat online assessments

While Australia sleeps, Ramesh is flipping cheeseburgers. He works the overnight shift at a fast-food shop. It’s tedious, exhausting work, and when he clocks off at 7.30am, he needs to dash across town to sneak through the door for a 9am lecture. Most days he never makes it. “I’m always late, you physically cannot do … Read more

Anonymous Hackers Continue Hacking Spree Of Russian Websites

Anonymous, a hacking collective that waged a cyberwar against Russia following its invasion of Ukraine, this week launched another series of attacks against Russian websites. In a series of Twitter posts, the hacktivists announced that they successfully took down the websites of Russia’s Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources, a federal government body responsible … Read more

Anonymous Hackers Continue Attack On Russian Websites, Two More Hacked

Anonymous, the decentralized hacktivist collective that swore to fight Russia on the cyber front following its invasion of Ukraine, on Tuesday announced another series of attacks against Russian websites. In a series of Twitter posts, the hacking collective announced it successfully took down the websites of Belgorod State University and VPO Servis, a cleaning ventilation … Read more

Anonymous Hackers Successfully Hack Russian Government Websites

Anonymous, a decentralized international hacker collective, has carried out another attack against Russia, this time hacking government websites and a local radio group. In a series of posts on Twitter over the weekend, Anonymous announced that it has successfully hacked several Russian websites, including news outlet Pravdapskov, the Ministry of Construction of Russia and MegaFon … Read more