Tammy Hembrow gives birth to baby girl with Matt Poole

Social media star Tammy Hembrow has given birth to her first child with fiance Matt Poole, the couple welcoming a baby girl.

Tammy Hembrow has given birth to her first child with fiance Matt Poole, a baby girl.

The social media star and fitness mogul shared the news with her Instagram followers through a series of candid photos.

“The absolute hardest yet most rewarding thing I’ve ever done,” she captioned the images.

“An unmedicated VBA2C. No words. Birth story to come.

“For now just resting in my love bubble with my perfect little girl.”

Ms Hembrow is seen standing in the shower in one image as a woman holds the showerhead to her lower back in one image, and resting her head on a towel, covered in sweat in another.

Another image appears to show the new family moments after the baby girl was born, with Ms Hembrow seen holding the newborn while Mr Poole leaned over her smiling.

The athlete shared a less revealing set of pictures to his own account, captioning the images:
“Our little girl, perfect in every way. Mum wonderful and so strong.

“It’s been a roller coaster twenty four hours, but welcoming her into the world has made everything better.”

“She’s beautiful, 12 fingers and all.”

Hembrow – who shares two children, son Wolf and daughter Saskia with her ex-fiance Reece Hawkins – had earlier revealed the baby has 12 fingers, the same rare mutation she and her sisters, mother and brother, was born with.

“We just saw the little baby, and the surprise was that she has 12 fingers, like me, like her mummy,” she told her 15 million followers.

“[Her sisters] Amy and Emilee had extra fingers when they were born as well, and so did my little brother. So did my mum. It runs in my family.”

Asked whether she’d be removing her daughter’s extra fingers following her birth in an Instagram Q&A, Hembrow said she would be, adding there was “no reason to keep them”.

The Gold Coast influencer announced she was expecting in December, just two weeks after her and Poole got engaged.

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