Team OneFist Shames Russia’s Partial Mobilization With A Game-Changing Leak

Following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s partial mobilization announcement, international hacker volunteer group Team OneFist has leaked details about over 300,000 Russian reservists.

The neatly compiled Google sheet, leaked by Havoc, the leader of Team OneFist’s intelligence support apparatus Cerberus, has the names, birthdays, addresses, phone numbers, regions and districts of the reservists.

In a follow-up tweet, Havoc said the leak was the product of Team OneFist’s “Cerberus Intelligence & @mi6rogue” efforts. It is a “LEAKED RU Ministry of Defense sheet containing 305,925 names, addresses and phone numbers of incoming RU reservists Putin is sending.”

Interestingly, Russian news agency Interfax reported Wednesday that Russian State Duma Defense Committee chairman Andrey Kartapolov said publishing the exact list of citizens subject to partial mobilization is impossible.

“The point is not that it is necessary to publish the entire list of who is called up. This is actually absolutely classified information. Because the name of military specialties, their number, the name of age categories – all this can reveal the plan of mobilization, which is, in general, state secret,” the news agency quoted Kartapolov during a meeting of the State Duma on Tuesday.

Havoc joined Team OneFist in May and one of his reasons for joining the international volunteer group is that it “was pulling off incredible attacks, particularly cyber-kinetic ones. Essentially attacks that cross over into the physical world to paralyze the Russian war machine.”

Armed with an “intermediate level of cyber experience” with a background primarily rooted in “intelligence/targeting work,” Havoc’s arrival in Team OneFist, as the group’s founder Voltage puts it, is a “match made in heaven.” Havoc has “quickly increased my [his] skill sets to better understand and aid the team by combining intelligence and cyber-warfare.”

Since joining the group, the operative has played a crucial role in Team OneFist’s operations against Russia. His destructive offensive operations include OpHeartbreak on July 24, where the team attacked the security software of Isras Crusher and exposed the software to the world.

During Operation Havoc on Aug.7, his group targeted Kherson bridges using High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMAR), targeting packages. The operation blew the bridge up, restricting Russian forces from using it. The operative was also part of Operation Sidewinder on Aug. 22, which destroyed 800 VoIP and edge routers of Russia’s largest telecoms company Rostelecom.

Other Team OneFist operations in which Havoc played a crucial role are Operation Morias Bridge on Aug. 29, which downed Kherson bridges/pontoon bridges and Operation Sovatopol Down on Sept.11, which caused more than 24 hours of outage due to the attack on its base ISP connection.

While Operation Thunderstrike on Sept. 20 destroyed the UPS backup batteries of 42 sites in Russia that caused outages in data centers, Operation Silo Silencer on Sept. 22, targeted Russian industries and companies, and finally, for Operation Elven Light, the “team worked with M16 to release Russian mobilization roster to the Ukrainian government,” according to Team OneFist founder Voltage.

But since this is war, success is hard fought and usually entails massive sacrifice. Havoc is fully aware of what’s in store for him and Team Onefist since they stood up against Russia, but it does not deter them from pushing forward to fight for what they believe in.

“We have encountered numerous threats as a result of our work,” Havoc shared. “We have encountered multiple attempts by Russian intelligence to either cripple our operations, locate us and so on. luckily the team has increased its countertelligence capabilities and has developed ways of not only thwarting the attempts but going after the spy networks when possible, ” he told International Business Times in an exclusive interview.

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