The Block 2022 Episodes 31, 32 recap: ‘They’re f***ing idiots!’: Nasty spat grows even more toxic

Claire Sutherland

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Has there ever been a worse Block relationship between builders and contestants than that of Ankur and Sharon and their traditions Liam and Scott?

It’s like watching your best friend persist with a toxic block in the hope he’ll change — and that’s on both sides. Why Liam and Scott continue to work with people they clearly despise is a mystery. And why Ankur and Sharon didn’t let them go as soon as things turned ugly is another one.

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Scott Cam penalties team for barter ‘cheating’

Block contestant taken to hospital

On the one hand, Ankur and Sharon have a habit of disappearing from the site together for hours on end, rather than doing some of the few jobs they actually can do, such as cleaning up the site and making design decisions.

Sharon and Ankur unload on their builders.  Picture: Channel 9

Sharon and Ankur unload on their builders.

And on the other hand, Liam and Scott don’t want to work past 5pm or on Saturdays, and disappear to Gisborne for a leisurely pub lunch on Ankur and Sharon’s dime on the reg.

Sharon and Ankur make their feelings explicitly clear in a phone call with a friend.

“We’ve got these builders who are f***ing idiots,” she says.

“They’re a***holes!” Ankur interjects.

“They’re lazy, they don’t want to work past 5 o’clock, they just want to leave, one of them doesn’t want to work on Saturday.”

She tells producers she blames the relationship for spoiling her Block experience.

Ankur and Sharon's Carpenter Scott.  Picture: Channel 9

Ankur and Sharon’s Carpenter Scott.

Back at the house, Scott is ribbing Liam about being left to make design decisions.

“It’s the little things that just add up. Obviously you can understand it makes this not very enjoyable,” Scott tells a producer.

Another relationship fracturing is foreman Dan’s with supplier CSR. The company contacts him after seeing their precious plasterboard and insulation material being left outside in mud and rain, in the middle of a nationwide shortage.

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‘Kitchen without a soul’ — Block team roasted

Tom and Sarah-Jane were the Dan the foreman's favourites, but Tom has quickly slumped out of favour.  Picture: Channel 9

Tom and Sarah-Jane were the Dan the foreman’s favourites, but Tom has quickly slumped out of favour.

“I’ve just had one of the most embarrassing phone calls I’ve ever had on The Block in the 10 seasons I’ve been involved in,” he tells Tom as they stand around Tom’s waterlogged insulation bats.

Tom cops it on the chin, agreeing it’s not good enough, then promptly heads to the pub in an attempt to be the first contestant to go have a counter meal every day while still managing to finish the hellish hallway week.

Dan tell's Tom he's just had an embarrassing call from CSR about their materials being destroyed.  Picture: Channel 9

Dan tells Tom he’s just had an embarrassing call from CSR about their materials being destroyed.

When Dan finds out he’s seriously peeved, and that might be another relationship on the rocks.

But nobody’s having a worse time this week than Omar and Oz.

Their tiles are thrown off site after being caught with a fraudulent WorkCover insurance certificate, leaving the boys with an un-waterproofed laundry and mud room.

In a genius move that Sharon claims they stole from her, Omar and Oz are putting in a dog wash bath in their mud room, which means it needs to be treated as a wet area.

Omar discovers his tiles have been thrown off-site.  Picture: Channel 9

Omar discovers his tiles have been thrown off-site.

After calling every tiler in Melbourne on the Friday of a long weekend they manage to scrape in the waterproofing, but by then Freedom has run out of time to install their cabinets, and it looks like they’ve got zero chance of finishing.

Bryce from Freedom, has almost a Block character in his own right, is clearly becoming doing the impossible, and not making this the first time in Block history that Freedom’s actually finished a job.

There’s nothing to be done though, and the boys’ cabinets are left outside under tarps.


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