The Project: Hosts grossed-out by star’s toothbrush confession

Kate Langbroek’s bathroom confession left The Project hosts’ aghast as she admitted her family shared the rest of us keep private.

The Project guest host Kate Langbroek has caused a stir after revealing a gross confession live on air.

On Thursday’s show she concurred with comedian Sarah Silverman’s admission she and her partner share the same toothbrush.

“I have never shared a toothbrush with another person in my life and for some reason with Rory we used the same toothbrush. Everyone is saying that’s so gross,” Silverman said in a recent appearance with Whoopi Goldberg.

“Why is it gross?” Langbroek said.

Peter Hellia flatly refused to accept it was normal.

“It’s mouth stuff. I know there is kissing that goes on, but that’s a separate issue. You really get in there,” he said.

Langbroek left jaws wagging when she admitted everyone in her house shares communal toothbrushes.

“Peter and I routinely share the same toothbrush. We drifted into it,” she said.

“Now the whole family has got a communal cup in our bathroom. We’ve got enough toothbrushes for everyone, but not the will to allocate colors.

“Sometimes I go: ‘That’s a bit shaggy.’”

Lisa Wilkinson chimed in making an assumption that men don’t keep their mouths as clean as women.

“You’ve got a lot of boys in your family. Boys don’t have the same dental hygiene, would you agree?” she asked.

“Look, I don’t know. It’s clean,” Langbroek replied.

“I could tell you what else we get up to … obviously I’m alone on this.”

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