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It’s no secret that telehealth is becoming an emerging trend in the healthcare industry, and it’s not going anywhere soon. Using electronic communication and technology to support patients’ health and health education has been welcomed with open arms by the medical community in recent months and years. The advantage of telehealth clinics are wide-ranging, but the long-term positive effects on clinic costs, travel times, and convenience for both healthcare professionals and patients mean that more and more providers are looking into setting up their very own telehealth clinic. If this innovative service is something you’re interested in, then here is a step-by-step guide on building your own virtual telehealth clinic.

Your Telehealth Clinic Solution

If you’re looking to build your own virtual telehealth clinic, then FaceMyDoc is your all-in-one solution. Create your own virtual clinic using Face My Doctor’s Practice-In-A-Box™ method, set up your own hours, work on your own terms and acquire new patients along the way too.

As one of the fastest-growing telehealth provider networks in the United States, you can become a member of the community and set up your own virtual telehealth clinic using a tried and tested process.

Achieving maximum success for your virtual telehealth clinic will be extremely important to you, so you should feel prepared and supported during every step of the process. With risk management solutions, insurance credentialing, medical billing services, patent marketing, and software training, you will receive everything you need to build a thriving virtual clinic.

Understanding The Benefits

There are a number of benefits of telemedicine for both patients and providers. As a continually evolving technology, there are so many reasons to get started with this opportunity today. Some of the main benefits include:

  • more market opportunity
  • More time for providers to perfect their skills
  • Easier access for patients
  • Lower costs for the clinic
  • Less travel time for both providers and patients
  • Global access to patients in remote locations
  • Better chance of recovery and reduced infection rates for patients

Your Step By Step Guide to Starting a Telehealth Clinic

Step 1 – Establish Your Zone of Expertise

Understanding where your zone of genius lies with regards to healthcare is the first step you need to take when starting your telehealth clinic. You need to develop a plan and choose the services you want to provide. Opting for a well-defined niche will bring more success to your clinic as you want to be the go-to provider for this specific area of ​​health.

Step 2 – Create Your Business Plan

Whether you choose to bring a partner on board or opt to go solo with your new venture, you need a solid business plan in place which outlines your goals and strategies. Creating a reliable team of doctors and nurses is also a crucial step in this process, as they need to be on hand to consult with patients once your business has launched.

Step 3 – Payment Possibilities

Your patients need to be able to pay for their service using a reputable and reliable process. Consider whether you’ll accept insurance plans or run a cash-only facility. The financial side of your telehealth clinic may require external expertise in the initial stages.

Step 4 – Set Up and Start-Up!

Choosing the best possible telehealth software such as the Practice-In-A-Boxsolution will give you the greatest chance of success. With a comprehensive set up process, you can be sure your software is easy to use and automation is in place for your business set up.

Why Start Your Telehealth Clinic Today?

Right now is the ideal time to get started, as the healthcare industry is quickly becoming one of the most profitable industries across the globe. In truth, profitability in the healthcare market has never been better, with an annual turnover of more than $3 trillion. Building a business that is relatively low risk and won’t be affected by any economic trends is something that healthcare enthusiasts should be getting on board with.

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