There are a few battles to be won to make this QLD ‘castle’ a home

No you are not dreaming. This ‘castle’ in Gympie sits on a sprawling bush block that just screams ‘serenity’.

But it is also not for the faint hearted, and with a bit of hard work – and council approval – it could just be your Bonnie Doon.

Located in Cedar Pocket, which is just 20 minutes from Gympie and Kin Kin, the 85.95 acre property sits across two titles, both with road access, and includes a brick structure simply called ‘The Castle’.

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196 Goodyear Rd Cedar Pocket is called ‘The Castle’

There is power to the structure, but the listing by Elders Gympie agent Ian Partington warns it is not a council approved dwelling.

“But with some effort there is a possibility of converting it into a dwelling,” the listing says.

The castle-like structure has three bedrooms, one bathroom, and a huge open plan living area with a fireplace.

There is also what appears to be the making of a grand dining hall.

It has castle-like features and was home to a couple who built it around 50 years ago

Mr Partington, who is selling on behalf of the Public Trustee, said the dwelling, which can’t be called a house as it has no plumbing, had been built about 50 years ago.

“He died about 20 years after that and she lived there for 30 years, and most people are jawdropped at how anyone lived there without a toilet, kitchen, bathroom or laundry,” he said.

The owner died about 18 months ago, but there were no known beneficiaries or wills for the property,” Mr Partington said.

“She was a bit of a recluse by all accounts,” he said.

But the structure, he said, was much larger and more impressive in person, with the unusual property attracting substantial attention.

“Last Saturday there was about a dozen groups through, the weekend before there was about six, and it was raining, and the weekend before that, we were washed out,” he said.

“I have done a few quirky properties, but this one is up there in terms of interest.”

This space has the makings of a grand dining hall

Mr Partington said that while the dwelling required a lot of work, it was a solid structure of besser blocks both inside and out.

He said it was the place to be in the event of a cyclone.

“We have to say its not council approved, because nobody really knows,” he said.

“It is all digital records now but 50 years ago … put it this way, the amount of paperwork in council archives, trying to find it, if it exists at all, is very difficult.

“Whoever buys it will need to get an engineer in, check everything, and go from there.”

It goes to auction this Saturday at midday.

Classic Aussie movie The Castle shows dreams really can come true.

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