Toddler’s thumb ‘hacked off’ in freak accident at Broadway Shopping Centre

A family has been left devastated after a trip up an escalator at the popular shopping center left their son without a thumb.

A young boy has lost his thumb in a freak accident at Sydney’s Broadway Shopping Centre.

Anora Fairchild said her son Lewis’ life was changed forever after taking the escalator at the retail hotspot in Glebe.

She said a piece of protruding metal hacked her son’s thumb off while he was holding the handrail.

“Lewis was crying and he held his hand out and it was bloody,” she told Channel 7.

“It yanked out his tendons, went through the bone – it was hacked, it was not a clean job.”

Lewis was hit where to Sydney Children’s Hospital doctors spent hours operating. Unfortunately, the damage caused by the escalator was too severe for doctors to reattach the thumb.

“My family has suffered an unspeakable amount of heartache,” Ms Fairchild said.

“Lewis will likely live the rest of his life without using his right thumb.

“We couldn’t have ever imagined a quick trip to our local shopping center would be our worst nightmare that we can’t wake up from.”

Lewis, now recovering at home, will need extensive physiotherapy and potentially a further operation after the ordeal.

The shopping centre, owned by property giant Mirvac said it was undertaking an “extensive investigation” and had tried to contact the family.

“Our thoughts are with the child and his family, and the health and safety of all of our customers and staff remain our highest priority,” a spokesman for Mirvac’s Broadway Sydney center said in a statement.

“We have tried to make contact with the family following the incident.

“We are undertaking an extensive investigation into the incident and working with the authorities.”

Originally published as Child’s thumb ‘hacked off’ in freak accident at Broadway Shopping Center


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