Trailer mistake causes internet furore

A careless Melbourne road user has created an internet uproar after they were spotted driving with their trailer gate open.

A keen-eyed member of the public noticed the mistake and snapped a picture while the vehicle was stopped at a traffic light.

The picture captured a black 4WD towing a fridge in a large box trailer with its gate wide open.

The photo was then uploaded to a Facebook page dedicated to calling out “crap drivers and parkers” in the Melbourne area.

The photo was captioned, “Let’s play a game…what’s wrong with this pic?”

Some internet users played along, expressing their relief the mistake hadn’t been worse.

“Oh geez!” one commenter said, “Thank goodness fridge is tied in”.

Unfortunately for the person who posted the picture, many other people saw a different issue with it and were more than happy to call it out.

“You and your passenger is what’s wrong with this pic,” someone commented.

“Plenty of room to pull up next to them and let them know but chose to stay back, take a pic, edit the pic and post it on social media.”

Others also piled on, demonstrating the uploader for their inaction in the situation.

“What’s wrong is the fact that people just take photos and post them on social media and just drive past without having the curtisy (sic) to let them know something is wrong and then later on down the road something happens and causes an accident,” someone commented.

The unexpected backlash prompted the user to remove the post from Facebook.

Drivers in Victoria with unsecured loads can face fines in the thousands of dollars while anyone using the internet faces potentially ruthless scrutiny.

Originally published as Driver mocked for trailer issue that was caught on camera


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