Two Dogs Resuscitated After Apartment Fire North of Buffalo

Police body-camera footage shows the moment officers and paramedics resuscitated two pet dogs – Moose and Brutus – after firefighters rescued them from an apartment fire in the town of Tonawanda, north of Buffalo, New York, on Monday, May 30. The Kenilworth Volunteer Fire Department (KFD) said it was the first agency on the scene, arriving within three minutes of the report. No people were inside the apartment at the time of the fire, but two dogs trapped inside were rescued, and three cats were found dead inside the building, KFD said. The Town of Tonawanda Police Department (TTPD) said Moose and Brutus were brothers, and that they were found unresponsive and barely breathing. Dramatic footage shows responders working to revive the two dogs outside the front of the building. Moose was the first to start breathing on his own and get back on his feet, and can be seen nuzzling his nose into his little brother Brutus as medics administer oxygen. The responders who helped save the dogs were named by TTPD and the Erie County Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services as paramedics Diona Baumgartner and Ashley Hillock, police officers Kelly Wright and Angela Ragusa, and Erie County Deputy Fire Coordinator Alex Doll. Police said Moose was well enough to stay with a neighbor while Brutus, the younger of the two dogs, was taken to a local veterinary clinic for emergency care. “Brutus has since been discharged, and both he and Moose are doing well,” TTPD said in their press release on June 1. Credit: Town of Tonawanda Police via Storyful


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