Two Townsville prison escapees caught, one more on the run

Two of three men who escaped from a townsville prison farm this week have been located by police, with one more still on the run.

Police confirmed it’s likely the trio banded together and ‘walked off’ the property between 6.30pm and 8.30pm Monday night, launching a coordinated search by police and corrective services through the North Queensland city.

The three men were identified as Layne Rex Newman, Les Noel Noble, and Preston Donald Zane Quakawoot.

Layne Rex Newman, Les Noel Noble, and Preston Donald Zane Quakawoot. (Queensland Corrective Services)

They were serving sentences for break and enter, armed robbery and assaulting police.

Quakawoot, 22, was located around 10.30am this morning and was arrested alongside a 22-year-old woman from a home in Stuart.

Police confirmed he is expected to be charged with escaping custody and possibly more charges.

The woman is assisting police with investigations.

The 22-year-old was located at an address win Stuart. (Queensland Police)
He was located with a woman who has also been arrested for questioning. (Queensland Police)

Newman, who is 19, was located around 8.45pm last night, June 28.

Police confirmed they located him after tactical crime squad officers found a stolen Mazda CX 5 on Gosper Street, in Heatley.

Newman, who had been in the vehicle, allegedly ran from police.

He was arrested a short time later and charged with unlawful use of a motor vehicle and escaping custody.

One of the men was discovered by police after a stolen vehicle was found in Heatley. (Queensland Police)

Police confirmed they also arrested a 20-year-old woman who was charged with unlawful driving and driving without a license.

Newman will appear in Townsville Magistrates Court today.

Police confirmed one prisoner is still missing. (Queensland Police)

Noble, also 22, has not been located by police.

Police initially confirmed they left no trace when they escaped from the prison facility and it’s unclear which direction they were headed.

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“Any time someone escapes from a correctional center their desire is not to go back,” Detective Senior Sergeant Chris Hicks said.

“If they are approached by members of the public there could be some there.”

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