UK woman’s nude selfie mistake in eBay ad goes viral

A woman was left “shaking with panic” after accidentally uploading a naked selfie when her listing air fryer for sale on eBay.

A woman claimed to be left “shaking with panic” after accidentally uploading a naked selfie when listing her air fryer for sale on eBay.

Emma Jones, 26, from the UK, was perplexed when she reportedly received hundreds of new followers and friend requests on social media last month after listing her Ninja Foodi Max, the NY Post reports.

But Emma’s confusion soon turned to horror when she realized that the fifth image of her listing was a topless photo of herself standing in front of a full-length mirror.

“It was a ‘before’ picture for a diet I started,” Emma explained.

“I took it the day before the [listing] photos. I used my phone to upload the advert, so I can only assume I accidentally tapped on it as I was scrolling and selecting the photos.”

The listing – which subsequently went viral – describes the electric product as being “previously used” and having “some signs of wear and tear”.

“I’d checked the listing after about 24 hours and it only had like five views and no interest,” Emma recalled.

“It wasn’t until my lunch break at work [the following day] when I opened Facebook and realized there was a problem. I had about 50 friend requests and around 100 Facebook messages.”

Emma then checked Instagram where she had more than 150 new followers and a message requests folder filled with 100 new messages.

The red-faced seller subsequently realized that the nude selfie was included in the eBay listing, which had quickly racked up 117,000 views and a maximum bid of more than $A1730.

“When I saw the bids were over $A1730 I wasn’t happy or thinking about the money. I was just panicking,” Emma admitted.

Dozens of the messages she received were from cruel trolls, poking fun at the nude selfie blunder.

“Is everything in the pictures included in the purchase? It all looks clean and tidy,” one mocked.

“Hi, just looking for a full breakdown of parts that come with the Ninja. Also [do you have] any close-up pictures of the part in the last photo? Thanks in advance,” another inquired.

A third person rudely asked: “Does it come with melons?”

However, many people had apparently taken the time to track Emma to politely alert her to the unfortunate error.

Emma quickly deleted the nude photo, and eventually took down the entire listing after it continued to rack up thousands of views.

The seller has tried to see the funny side of the situation but has been left red-faced and with an unwanted electrical product.

“I’m now upset I could have got the money and I am still stuck with the air fryer. I’m too afraid to list it again,” she admitted. “I’ll try and give it to a friend.”

This story originally appeared on the NY Post and is republished here with permission

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