Up Late: Ben Harvey reviews the Perth Royal Show and unpacks Mark McGowan’s thug ban

In tonight’s show, Ben Harvey reviews the 2022 Perth Royal Show and asks serious questions about Mark McGowan’s plan to ban thugs from entertainment areas.

He’s clearly not a fan of the annual event that sees every Tom, Dick and Harry make the pilgrimage to Claremont.

“It’s just so bogan down there,” he says.

Between the neck tats and pink cowboy hats that make every girl “look like a stripper’s apprentice”.

But Harvey takes out the bulk of his frustration on a show stalwart — Bertie Beatle.

“When the fuck did a Bertie Beetle bag cost $8,” Harvey says.

“It barely meets the definition of chocolate.”

As for some of the other delicacies, Harvey suggests you make a beeline for the loo if you’re judgment is impaired enough to consume one of these.

The Dagwood Dog — the so-called popular Australian festival staple — also comes in at $8 for “the bits of an animal no one wanted, molded into the shape of a dick and put on a stick”.


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