US cult fast food chain Wendy’s set to launch in Australia

An American international fast food chain is set to debut in Australia as the competition in the nation’s quick service industry continues to heat up.

Wendy’s will be one of the last of America’s popular chains to break into the Aussie market, with Sydney based franchise strategist DC Strategy partnering with the fast food giant.

Not to be confused with the ice cream chain, Wendy’s Milk Bar, Wendy’s has more than 7000 stores worldwide and is hoping the move onto Australian shores will “accelerate global growth” of the brand.

The location for the first Wendy’s restaurant is yet to be confirmed but DC Strategy has said it is searching for “world-class, experienced franchise partners with strong operations experience and a proven track record for growing brands in Australia” to take on the company’s expansion down under.

“The brand is also focused on building long-term relationships with partners who share Wendy’s values, commitment to quality, and passion for fast food done the right way,” it said in a statement.

Since its creation in Ohio in 1969, the red braided haired Wendy’s logo has become ingrained in the minds of burger lovers across Europe, Asia, America and New Zealand and recognized as the world’s third largest quick service burger brand.

Competing with the likes of McDonald’s and Burger King, Wendy’s has built its reputation on its square patty burgers, fries, range of sides such as baked and stuffed potatoes and chilli con carne, “America’s favorite breakfast”, the famous “Frosty” frozen ‘ thickshake like’ dessert and its Twitter account which has more than 3.9 million followers.

The restaurant will have to battle its way through an already populated market and into the hearts of Aussies, steering them away from newer US cult chains across the states and territories such as Five Guys, Wahlburgers, Taco Bell, In-N-Out and Carls Jr.

The news of the chain’s arrival has been lovingly welcomed by social media users, with most saying they are ready for a new takeaway option as they’re “getting tired of McDonald’s.”

The latest of the arrivals, Five Guys, saw its first store open during the NSW lockdown period in September of 2021 in Penrith but was quickly criticized for its pricing strategy.

An online food critic took aim at the cult US burger chain shortly after it opened its doors in Sydney, after forking out more than $200 for six burgers and three drinks.

If you have a handy $1,000,000 you can apply to manage one of Australia’s first Wendy’s franchises.

Despite a short stint in Victoria under the Wendy’s Hamburger Restaurant name in the 1970s and 80s, the stores were quickly taken over by Hungry Jack’s and were not heard of since.

That was until 2021 when the chain trialled a pop-up store in Sydney, which must have been a hit given the brand’s introduction into the wider Australian market.

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