12-Year-Old Found Dead With Private Parts Chopped Off

A missing 12-year-old boy in India was found dead this week with his private parts chopped off, according to police.

Pankaj Damor was found murdered in a village under the jurisdiction of the Jamnagar police district Wednesday, the Times of India reported.

Damor, a resident of Beraja village, went missing after leaving home at around 8 pm Tuesday, according to the outlet.

The victim, whose body was found near a farm where his parents worked, had sustained two wounds from a weapon.

Authorities also discovered that his private parts had been chopped off.

“Looking at the wounds, it is believed that [a] bill hook used to cut sugarcane was used as a murder weapon in this case,” inspector RK Karamta was quoted as saying by the outlet.

Police are investigating whether Damor was killed due to personal animosity.

Following the discovery of Damor’s body, the first information report was lodged at Jamnagar’s Panchkoshi A Division police station.

A team of forensic experts was called in to assist the police in the investigation.

“More details will be known only after postmortem,” Karamta said.

In a similar incident from around a month ago, a 29-year-old driver in the Indian state of Maharashtra who murdered his childhood friend chopped off the victim’s private parts and stuffed the cut-up pieces in the deceased’s mouth.

Amir Ansari repeatedly stabbed his friend, Samir Khan, 21, because the victim had developed a relationship with Ansari’s estranged ex-girlfriend, police said.

Ansari then allegedly chopped off Khan’s private parts and put the pieces inside the victim’s mouth.

Prior to the killing, Ansari warned Khan, the owner of a hotel in Bhiwandi, that there would be dire consequences if he did not stay away from the woman, the city’s crime branch claimed.

Ansari wanted to marry his former partner despite having a dispute with her, according to authorities.

He was reportedly infuriated since Khan already had a girlfriend when he started dating Ansari’s ex.

In another incident, a 7-year-old girl in India’s northern Haryana state who was believed to have been kidnapped was found dead near a crematory with injuries on her private parts.

Representation. The police line.SimaGhaffarzadeh/Pixabay

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