“It buried Moxley a little bit”

Konnan was not pleased with AEW’s booking for Jon Moxley’s segment with Bryan Danielson and William Regal at last week’s Dynamite.

Speaking on the K100 podcast, he mentioned that AEW had underutilized William Regal. The WCW veteran was also not a fan of Danielson, claiming that his pleading with Jon Moxley sounded fake.

Additionally, Konnan mentioned that the segment might’ve buried the former AEW World Champion a little bit.

“So I hated this segment. Number one, they’ve underutilized William Regal like most people. They’ve been hot shotting for a while and I was thinking, when are they gonna hot-shot on this show? They did it right off the bat. Bryan Danielson begging for him to not hit him sounded so fake and the reason was because he loved Regal, he saved him because his dad was an alcoholic. And then Regal just turned around and left. This was not a good way to start the show, I thought it buried Moxley a little bit, even though the people were really with him. I thought Bryan came off disingenuous and I thought it was not a good segment.” said Konnan [3:53-4:48]

Disco Inferno was also not happy with Jon Moxley’s segment

During the same conversation, Disco Inferno also mentioned that he wasn’t pleased with the segment.

He claimed to be unhappy with the character work of Jon Moxley and William Rega. hell said:

“For the characters, this is not how I would have thought any of these characters would have acted in this segment. Like, number one, Regal should’ve been scared. Number two, Moxley should have his crazy character, just got screwed and turned over if he’s like the Stone Cold character, there’s no way he would’ve let him talk down, at least get his hands on this guy.” said Disco Inferno. [2:54-3:14]

It remains to be seen as to where Jon Moxley’s storyline with Regal is headed and if he would earn a rematch at the AEW World Championship.

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